10 Interesting Things You Should Know About Instagram

INSTAGRAMInstagram is a nifty photo application that was only available on apple platform but now available on android too. It is debuted for iphone in October, 2010. Instagram website provides you most fast and fun way to share your photos with friends and family. Do you know that android is embellishing about 2000 Instagram apps sign ups per minute right now!




Here are 10 interesting things you should know about Instagram :


  1. Ratings – With 5 star ratings Instagram is among most popular photo apps on iTunes. There has been above 2300 ratings on the current version till date. Even ‘Google play’ users have given it 4.4 rating which includes over 35000 reviews too.
  2. Users –This growing social media network has around 30 million users currently and it is expected to reach around 50 million subscribers with in few weeks.
  3. Popularity – Previously Instagram was only for iOs users but it is now available for android users also and as CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom has stated that it is getting quite popularity as every minute over 2,000 new android users are signing up per minute in Instagram.
  4. Meetups and Discussions – Another interesting thing about Instagram is that there are insta meet ups which are getting hype everywhere. For this you have to go to meetup.com/Instagram and you can find a meeting at near your location.INSTAGRAM
  5. Export photos - Through ‘instaport’ you can easily export photos to your mac even without saving them to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It’s a quite neat tool which is built by a developer using the official Instagram API and you can check it out at http://instaport.me./.
  6. Blog- If you want to subscribe all the greatest and latest news related to Instagram then you can visit its blog too which is at blog.instagram.com. You can also join them on other networks as they are available on Facebook and twitter to keep you updated with the latest news.
  7. Filters- Instagram allows users to add different custom filters to their photos in order to transform the colors, tonality, mood and border of their snapshots. These filters include Rise, Amaro, Lo-Fi, Hudson, Sutro, Brannan, Nashville, Toaster, XPro-11, 1977 and others.
  8. A social network – Social networks provides an online platform where people interact with each other and Instagram also fits in this mold .It is considered as a social network because users here can give and receive shares, comments and likes on pictures which are uploaded by users. The other benefit is that you can share your pictures to Facebook, flickr, twitter, foursquare and on tublr also.
  9. INSTAGRAMMore features – You can combine multiple photos into one by using these apps – Picframe, Diptic, Photoshake.
  10. Some tricks for iphone users - iPhone users if you are running iOs 4.0 or updated version then you just have to double tap on a picture to like it. You can also tap and hold on username to reply. Do you like to scroll through hundreds of photos on your iphone then there is a trick for you too. You just have to tap the status bar at the top (where the battery level and time are displayed) of your screen through this you would be able to scroll to the top of your feed.



So, I hope you all enjoyed these few things related to growing app Instagram. Thanks to all readers. Will catch you soon with my next post.

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