2013: It’s time for Rank Building to dominate Link Building

 Keeping pace with time keeps you updated with new developments taking place around you, but sometimes in desire to keep tuning with time you also adopt those things which may be harmful for you. Therefore keeping watch on updates and protecting yourself from worst impacts of these updates is a crucial task for everyone. The beginning of New Year brought the same question in front of SEO experts that which strategy they should adopt for protecting them from new updates.

The best way to protect from the worst impacts of updates is to look for new ways rather than following the same conventional ways to solve any problem.  Integration of Link plays an important role in SEO campaign but when question of tuning with ongoing updates arises you will agree that brand name plays an important role in SEO campaign. However most of the experts disagree with this, because according to them if you are a small entrepreneur retaining the brand name of company is a difficult task, on the other side some experts will say that it will be something like crossing the limitations of SEO campaign.

Let the world say whatever they want to say, as mentioned above we are concerned for finding out new ways of finding solution to any problem instead of following the ongoing trend.  Our focus should on widening the dimensions of brand building rather than link building and therefore our strategy will revolve around the following factors:

1.Use of press release for strengthening your brand image:

Few days’ back Mr. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web Spam commented that links published through press release will not help you in exploring your brand on search engines. This comment from Cutts received mixed replies from critics some said that it is a nuisance whereas some others that these means have turned to be conventional. However our belief is not different from others that links released through press have nothing to do link building. But we also believe that if links released through press are used properly then they can be used as great source for branding your image. Because publishing few words about your brand in print media will help you in reaching huge segment of readers. Normally blog writers and celebrities make appropriate use of sites for publishing their blogs after they have been published somewhere in print media. Due to which their blogs are known as press release.  From this point of view press releases can be an effective way to grab attention for building awareness in eyes of large segment of audiences.

2.Concentrate on making image of your brand:

Being recognized by everyone is the common principle of getting linked with everyone so that whenever they see your image they immediately recognize you.  For this you need to:

  • Promote you content on almost every platform which you feel will help you making recognition of your brand;
  • Try to give catchy brand name to your product which can be easily remembered by everyone as soon as he listen its name;
  • Convey your messages followed by your logo, your design, material etc;
  • Leave an unforgettable impact on people so that they wait to hear more about you;
  • Try to promote your brand on those platforms which are commonly visited by people.

3.Try to promote your brand through forums:

In current scenario social networking websites have emerged as the best place for making forums on different subjects connecting people sharing the same interests. In this regard creating a separate forum for your brand online will help you in assessing not only the demands of people but also let you know what people expect from you and what kind of content influences them.

4.Make appropriate use of comment section for exposure:

Making use of comments as source of promoting your brand is something which nobody favors and not any renowned website likes to follow the links mentioned in comments.  Our concept is different from others and we encourage the conversations taking place in comment section of our website, as it is the only place which grabs more traffic. In this section we do not make use of keywords but try to make use of brand name.  This is helpful in being noticed by huge segment of audiences. Moreover it can be considered as an easiest way of making contacts with critics who post their comments on comment section.

5.Content as an effective source of marketing:

It is universal truth that content plays an important role in exploring your brand and its relevance increases more when it is related with SEO campaign.  Therefore content which you create for your brand should have something which triggers the mind of readers. For this you should consider each word of your content as a product which is being sold in market. You can take help of content posted by other as an illustration for posting your content. The most important thing to be kept in concern while posting your content is that your content should be meaningful, realistic and should speak something different from others, you should try to integrate those points towards nobody has paid attention earlier.

6.Use of co-citation:

Co-citation can be described as a situation in which the keywords of your page match to the name of your brand.  This establishes the correlation between the keywords and brand name. Here it would be important to mention the name of Google Correlate tool which establish the correlation between keywords and brand name. This tool is helpful in checking for those queries where keywords are similar to brand name.  If your brand name and keywords are same than  it is an indication that you are known by your brand name and this is helpful in enhancing your ranking even when your website does not have supportive links.

7.Encourage guest bloggers for grabbing traffic towards your brand:

Bloggers posted by blog writers is an eminent way to create awareness in people towards your brand and being recognized by searching platforms. Here you should encourage bloggers who write blogs of high quality and write realistic facts about your brand in simple language and do not shout much in their blog.  Even if blogs posted on your page do not succeed in grabbing attention of audiences keep on improving the quality of your blog posts.

 Final word: No doubt Google considers brand name as key factor in the results displayed by them. On the other side we also have same concept that brand plays an important role in designing marketing strategy.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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