3 Important Plug-ins To Be Known By First Time User Of WordPress

Those who are familiar with working on WordPress must be familiar with adherence of these plug-ins in WordPress, but those who are not familiar with WordPress will find knowledge of these plug-ins as a beneficial deal which enhances their knowledge regarding working on WordPress. Among huge fleet of plug-ins available for WordPress, these three plug-ins can be regarded as the lifeline for working on WordPress.

It is quite easier to work on content management system of WordPress and therefore most of the blog authors prefer to work on WordPress. You will agree that developing a simple website is undoubtedly as easy task to perform and integration of features like plug-ins add an additional feature to it. However still there are some who prefer to work on other content management systems for instance Drupal, Joombla, Magneto etc because of certain restrictions of WordPress.  It is because of this there are some WordPress developers who develop different plug-ins according to their requirement, but still there are number of qualitative plug-ins which can be used while working on WordPress.

Those who have not made use of these plug-ins so far, these plug-ins will enable you to enhance working on WordPress site. An interesting feature of WordPress is that there is plug-in design for all requirements which you want to integrate in your WordPress site. For instance if you want to integrate share buttons you will find a plug-in to carry out that process, if you wish to add related posts, there is separate plug-in for you and different plug-ins according to your requirements. However you should keep following points in concern while using these plug-ins.

  • Get confirmed that you have the latest version of WordPress which support the plug-in required by you.
  • Check when the version of WordPress was update last, if is more than a year you should look for the latest version.
  • Go through the reviews made by other users.
  • Check the ratings and check for average rating.
  • See how many people have appreciated it and how many consider it as wastage of time.

Well, I feel that instead of discussing benefits of different plug-ins let me come to the main point of our discussion i.e., three important plug-ins for WordPress.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast:

Yoast SEO plugin commonly known as WordPress SEO has emerged as strong contender for All in One SEO Pack, SEO Nove and various others.  The main function of SEO Yoast is that it analyses post made by you on the basis of keywords and considers various factors such as URL,  title of your post, description, content and various other factors which make your post appropriate for SEO purpose.

In the words of Yoast,  SEO Plugin Linkdex Page Analysis considers various factors which are forgotten by various blog writers. For example if images of your post contain an alt tag having keyword for that particular post. If there is any meta description of your post then it checks for keywords and subheading mentioned in your post. This plug-in enables you to mention meta titles and descriptions for all categories, tags, etc providing you the facility of optimizing these pages.

It is one of the major benefit offered by WordPress SEO Yoast. However still there are various benefits:

  • It enables permalinks;
  • Facilitates you to control indexing categories and archieves;
  • Adds rel=”next” and rel=”prey”;
  • Generates Sitemap of XML;
  • Facilitates you to edit .htaccess and robots.txt file;
  • It also integrates features of Facebook, Open Graph etc;
  • It also supports twitter card;
  • It also adheres breadcrumbs if it finds that theme of your post is compatible.

Apart from this there are various other benefits of this plug-in. I hope from above description you would have understood the importance of WordPress SEO Yoast. Therefore if you get this plug-in installed and got in configured it, you will be able to manage your work by clicking on the required tabs and opting the best option according to requirement of your website. Another feature which increases relevance of this plug in is that it enables you to upload information available on other plug-ins.

2. W3 total Cache:

As you are aware of the fact the page speed is ranking factor adopted by Google SEO ranking. And integration of W3 Total Cache will meet all your requirements related with speed of your website.

The major features adorned in this plug-ins include:

  • This plug-in can be easily used with shared hosting, virtual private / dedicated servers and dedicated servers / clusters;
  • It integrates Transparent Content Delivery Network (CDN) supported by Midia library, theme files and WordPress itself;
  • Saving pages and posts in memory or on disk or on CDN;
  • Saving CSS and Javascript in memory, on disk or on CDN;
  • Saving feeds for instance site, categories, tag, comments, search results in memory, disk or on CDN;
  • Saving search results pages (i.e., URL followed by row of attributes0 in memory, disk;
  • Saving objects of database in memory or on disk;
  • Caching Browser by making use of cache control, future expire headers and entity tags followed by cache busting;
  • Grouping of JavaScript by template integrated with location control;
  • Directly importing post attachments to Media Library and CDN.
  • By making use of above two plug-ins you are in position to enhance to level of your website.

3.  Online Back-up of WordPress:


This plug-in is available free of cost and facilitates you to take back up of your data (including your setting, pages, posts and comments) and file system (including media attachments, themes and plug-ins) to any of the places mentioned below:

  1. Downloadable ZIP file;
  2. Email inbox; and
  3. Data centres with free storage space of 100 MB.

Like other plug-ins Online Back-up for WordPress is able to convert your back up your data and keep it safe while it is downloaded, emailed or if it is saved.

Epilogue:  Although there is huge fleet of plug-in available for WordPress, but according to my experience I found these plug-ins as the most required plug-in while working on WordPress site. If you find any more interesting plug-in please do share with us to enhance our knowledge.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.