5 Changes You Need To Adopt Before Over-Optimization Penalty Hits

optimizationRecently Google has announced that it will start to penalize those websites which are engaged in over optimization practices. In today’s post we will discuss about some changes that you should make to your SEO practices in order to avoid this type of penalization.

Check them out –

  1.  Authentic Titles- Your titles need to sound real just like a human being wrote them. Your title should be clear and quickly grasped by human being. People should not find your title fishy or spam like. It should not give the signs of something wrong or manipulative. You can use your brand name or even your name as the title to make it real. People should perceive your title as legitimate not manipulative especially when you are targeting more savvy and sophisticated technology customers
  2. Manipulation Of Internal Links- I often see this on the side bars where people have taken all of the samples of a particular word on the side bar or in the footer. Repetitions of these samples also happen many times. Thus linking in this way on the same page with the similar anchor is not good for SEO because it will make our site look spam like, thus try to go for logical and useful linking. If you have a blog post mentioning your site link then you can utilize anchor text by using a modified version which sounds more natural and shorter to make people visit your site.
  3. google penaltyLinks Filled Footers – I see this many times when you are just having a group of links down there as anchor text in your site that no one would like to click. I mostly see them in light gray color so it’s not particularly easy to read. Thus you should know how to use your footer in a right way to link the things which are expected to be in footer. If you really want to acquire anchor text on pages then you have to find more general ways to put it in the real menu at the top.
  4. Text Context Blocks Primarily For The Engines- Sometimes you find really great stuff on some site but also find a section with lots of keywords. Why does that exist? Does that really trick the engines? Yes it tricks them into thinking that they should penalize you. Seriously this is going to cost you far more than it’s going to help you. If you got those spam like blocks of text in your pages, that have no intention other than to get your keywords into the text then trust me It’s not a right call to action because its not boosting your communication rate but it will drive people away from you.
  5. Links From Penalty Sources – So this one is quite hard to control if you have already acquired links from these places. Be careful of links which are related to private link network. There are so many better ways to get links like reciprocal lists where you can put list of links carefully by avoiding repetition. Article marketing sites are also good option where you can submit your content and get link out. SEO focused directories are essentially increasing the value of participating there as being primarily related to the link

So I want your sites to do well and I don’t want that this penalty makes your business suffer thus be careful and good luck .I will see you with my next post.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.