5 Effective Ways To Boost Your Search Ad Campaign

ad campaignsAccording to a research conducted by Google reveals that search advertising collaborated with SEO can result in an incredible lift in search ad clicks. Optimizing other areas of your online presence can contribute to your search campaign’s performance significantly .Thus successful search advertising completely depends on your whole web presence.

So today I am going to elaborate 5 tips to improve your advertising campaign. Check them out -

  1.  Optimization Of Your Landing Page Is Important - You have to create an effective landing page for your search advertising campaign to drive more conversations. When customers visit landing page they should immediately see your conversation path which must include your full contact details. Thus your primary conversation path is a call to action which tells your customers what to do.
  2. Don’t Forget To Take Your Web Presence On Mobile – This is the time of revolution in mobile internet. Thus including this new mobile element in your search advertising campaign has become important for your business growth as it drives all mobile searchers to your business. According to a recent report, 50% of mobile phone users in U.S. own a smart phone. So it’s clear that more people are searching for a local business on a mobile device. Thus if you’re not visible via mobile then you are missing many potential customers. You can prefer ‘Google places’ to claim your business on local listings to boost your presence on mobile.
  3. Manage And Track Your Quality Score – A quality score is quite common way of deciding few things about your search ads run like where, when and on what cost. Maintaining your keyword consistency between your text ads and landing page is quite essential for creating high quality score to improve your placement on the SERP (Search engine results page)
  4. You Have To Create A Well Managed Online Reputation – Your online reputation can affect a large number of visits on your site. Blog posts, comments and reviews about your product plays an essential role in this case. When a customer search for a business then perhaps your website don’t come on fist place in search engine rankings but if your online reputation is good then customer will surely click on your ad or visit your website. So it is essential to maintain positive web presence and asking your customers to leave positive reviews about you so that it will appear in SERPs to boost your ad campaign.
  5. You Can Convert New Leads With Re- Marketing – Re-marketing is the best way to re-engage with those visitors who did not convert in fist time. By using this targeted display ads and re-marketing technology, visitors (who have left your landing page) will watch your ads as they surf on internet. It will remind them about your brand and direct them back to your site. Reacquiring those lost prospects is important to expand your search advertising campaign and it will boost more conversations with them.

Thus these all were the simple yet important tips to boost your advertising campaign and conversation with your target customers.

Thanks to all readers. I will catch you soon with my next post.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.