5 Effective Ways To Improve Your Facebook Timeline Page By Applying Proper Images

facebook timelineHello Everyone! Do You know your Facebook timeline provides considerably more opportunities to create a visually appealing page? Now are you thinking that how to visually enhance your time line Facebook page?

So, In today’s article we will discuss about 5 main areas where images can be used in the best way to exaggerate your Facebook timeline :

  •  Don’t miss the opportunity of Cover Photo: This one is the most visional change in timeline. An area of 851×315 pixels where you can upload a single large image. For setting cover image you need to focus on following things :

  1. Apply a strong cover photo to bring a great impact to your page: You can extend your brand with product, lifestyle images or a description of your services.
  2. Add a unique image that reflects your brand: You can add an image of popular item, artwork or an image of people using your product. You need to be creative and experimental here.timeline facebook
  • Don’t ignore the utility of Profile picture – In the previous format of Facebook your profile picture was your page’s main image as it contained 280×540 pixel areas in the most upper left corner. Now it has become just 125 pixel square image that inset into your cover photo in the lower – left area. So now you have to deliberately accompanying your profile picture with cover photo.

  •  Custom tab images add an extra spark – This one is another major change acquired by your Facebook page. Facebook has moved the navigation to your Facebook and custom tabs from top but below the cover photo. Previously you had your navigation as small 16×16 pixel icons with the tab name in the left column, now you have a maximum of four tabs perfectly displayed at 111×74 pixels with the tab name below the image.

fb timelineNow you must be wondering about how to customize these custom tab images. For this you have to follow these steps :

• First to edit tab images click on the arrow which is on the left of three or four images then click on custom tab image you want to change.
• Then click that pencil icon appearing in the top right corner
• Now opt “edit settings” from contextual menu.
• Then in pop-up dialog box click ‘change’ then upload a new image then click Ok.

Here are a few important things about the custom image tabs :

  1.  There is a tab which displays your most recently images, you can’t change or reposition that tab.
  2. If you choose fewer than four displayed tabs, then about info will occupy the extra space.
  3.  Maximum of 4 tabs even including your photos tab can be displayed and by clicking on arrow icon which is in right of the tab images; you can see remaining tabs.
  4.  You can make your own graphics for any custom tab images excluding apps of Facebook.

  • Don’t forget to highlight posts to create visual impact – I know many of you found this new format quite confusing and unreasonable. While previously all the posts can be seen in chronological arrangement now in the new timeline that sequence is broken up thus becomes quite hard to follow. So to improve this user can utilize that new ‘highlight’ feature to bring some order in the mismanaged timeline. You can highlight your status by clicking the ‘star’ icon which appears on the top –right area and when you want to remove the highlights you just have to click the highlight star again.

  • Use milestone feature to make your page more attractive – Another effective way to create a more appealing experience is the deliberate use of new milestone feature. To create milestones on your page; you just have to click on the ‘milestone’ option where you make status updates. Before creating milestones you have to set a benchmark date related to your business like its birth year when company founded etc. Facebook makes it casual by showcasing a pop –up dialog when first time you click on the milestone link. You can utilize your milestones by adding images over there so that it will attract your visitors.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.