8 Ways To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Tool For Your Business

Pinterest is growing in popularity as the hottest social networking site. It is a simple structured social network. Here users share photos that they can find online by ‘pinning’ them that is equivalent to ‘liking’ on Facebook or giving +1 on Google plus. You just have to download a toolbar that can be used for pinning the items from any web site. Then the photo and its information will appear on pinterest board so that the people who follow you can watch your collection and they can even re-pin them.

Any business which relies on driving a good amount of traffic on website should consider pinterest to fulfill this aim. Its structure is quite simple so you can not experiment with various marketing strategies but still there are wide chances to promote your business. Have a look :

  • You can share your products: You can use pinterest by pinning your own products to share them with others. By this others will come to know about your product. Here you can create many boards and you can group your specific pins into product categories for specific customers. You can create groups according to the different categories of customers like managers, artists, kids, students’ etc.By doing this; a virtual catalogue of products will be created of your customer’s choice. You can also create “best of” called board to showcase your most popular product over there.


Helpful in your SEO efforts: It helps you to maximize your SEO opportunities by pinning your products over there and driving your potential traffic directly on your website. You can create quality backlinks by linking your products. You can use your targeted keywords in writing the descriptions so that your target customers will be encouraged to visit your site. So all these efforts will ultimately helpful in increasing your rankings in search engines.

  • Add to Gifts: On pinterest when you create an entry for your pins simultaneously you can also add a price tag there. By selecting this option you can add a link which points back to your website. By adding items in this way automatically will be included in the gifts section of pinterest which is a virtual catalog of gift ideas over there. But you just have to take care of one thing that you are selecting your best product’s photos for pinning there and also you have to write an appealing description with this so that people get attracted.
  • Create a video gallery: You are not limited to just pining the images but you can also pin video too on pinterest. You can create a pin board of some very interesting videos of your business products interspersed with relevant images. Pinterest’s home page has separate tab for your videos so that you can get better exposure by being featured in that category. You just have to include a ‘call to action’ with in the video itself to bring the viewers to your website for better engagement.
  •  Interact with customers: Encourage users to interact with you on pinterest by offering an exclusive content which make them to view your website. You can start contests over there by asking users to re-pin items. The more re –pins you will get the more interactive environment you will be able to build around your products and sites. You can also offer few exclusive discount offers which will be able to attract your target customers.
  • You can highlight services too: Every business doesn’t sell products as many them are in service industry too. So they also can use pinterest as an effective marketing tool for their business. If you are providing services then you can build a virtual resume with pinterest. You can share photos and messages over pinterest which will reflect your work and services provided by you.
  • Increase your social sharing: As we know that connectivity is quite crucial for success in social media thus pinterest enables your users to directly log in through other networks like Facebook and twitter, users can share posts through emails twitter or Facebook.

So use pinterest as marketing tool. Will catch you soon with my next post!!

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.