Advanced Web Ranking – Optimize Your Website

Advanced Web Ranking is probably the most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization program that I’ve seen to date. We’ll get into details in a minute, but for a quick overview, it does Rank Tracking, Link Building, Analytics, Social Media, Keyword Research, Competition Analysis, and Website Optimization. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and is available in six different languages. I think they just about covered everything. But the real kicker is the interface. I tell it what I want, and it spits out an interactive report that I can reorganize and manipulate however I want. I can then print it, e-mail it to clients, or export it Excel.

Okay, but what about the features?


We’ll start with the Rank Tracking. The most important thing to me is knowing where I stand on search engines. If my website isn’t coming up in the top 10 or so hits, it’s not getting the traffic it should. Not only does Advanced Web Ranking let me see where I stand, but it shows me how my website has done over time, on over 2000 search engines. I didn’t even know there were 2000 search engines, but AWR’s got it covered. I like that.

What about the all-important keywords?


There’s no question that keywords are the key to SEO. In order to run a successful website, I have to know which keywords are trending, and how I can best use them to get traffic to my site. This program goes above and beyond in that regard. It links up with Google AdWords and Google Analytics to tell me what keywords are the most profitable right now, and how relevant they are to my website. It helps me generate keywords based on the words that I submit so I’m not repeating the same ones over and over, and then track how much traffic is driven to the site by those keywords. That part alone makes it worth the price.


Here’s where it really helps me, though:


Competition Analysis. AWR lets me know where I stand among my competitors, and where I need to push myself to make my site better than theirs. It analyzes their site’s architecture, checks which keywords they’re using, and monitors their social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. That way, I can see what they’re doing and make sure I’m doing something bigger, better, and stronger.

On top of all that, Advanced Web Ranking checked each page on my website to make sure I was doing all I could to optimize it for search engines and told me how I could use my keywords more effectively.

So, my overall impression: Advanced Web Ranking is absolutely worth the money. The price is pretty decent, especially considering it’s a lifetime license, rather than a monthly subscription. The software is fairly intuitive, though there is a lot to it, so it took some exploration before I got everything down. I would definitely recommend Advanced Web Ranking to anyone looking to make their website better.

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