BAIDU SEO: The Major Determinant Of SEO Practices For Websites In China

The relevance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not hidden from anyone in current scenario where internet has emerged as a bank of huge information. This may be understood from the fact that whenever anyone needs any information regarding anything he just shifts onto search engines and collects the information required by him. Now the question arises that from where these search engines gather this information and what is their criterion of selecting the websites having the required information. It is the time where role of SEO begins because it is only SEO which plays an important role in designing the website in such a way that it is placed at top position of various search engines. And therefore every website tries to optimize itself according to standards of search engines.

Normally Google is recognized as an authentic search engine by all the internet users throughout the world due to which every website get optimizes according to Google. But if you look towards China you will find a different scene, with population of more than 1 billion people more than 75% of internet users prefer to make their search on Baidu, a renowned search engine in China. This is really something surprising because when Google is dominating internet world throughout the world use Baidu as a search engine is something very unrealistic. The percent of internet users conducting search on Google counts only to 16% in China. Acquiring top position in results of search engines page is an indication of company’s success and with Google as the most liked search engine by every internet users every company tries to optimize its website keeping the guidelines determined by Google. But going through the craze towards Baidu among the Chinese internet users they have to comply the guidelines determined by Baidu.

If you have your business operation in China and you want to develop website of your business than you should get it optimized according SEO guidelines determined by Baidu. In the coming paragraphs I will be highlighting few important factors which will help you in getting your website optimized according to criteria of Baidu.

Keep watch on use of Social Media by Chinese population:

Although government of China has restricted the use of Social Media networking websites including Facebook, but it does not mean that they do not make use of social networking websites. Of-course they do, and SinaWeibo is the most popular social networking website in China with almost 30% of internet users associated with it. The role of SinaWeibo is somewhat similar to Twitter and therefore this social networking website is considered as an instant source of online promotion by companies. It is reported that few days back Baidu and SinaWeibo have joined hands and now any post made on SinaWeibo will be directly linked with Baidu. This will indirectly help the websites to acquire top position in the search results displayed by Baidu. Apart from this Baidu also provides various additional services of social networking websites including Baidu tieba which provides an online platform to internet users to exchange their thoughts with other internet users sharing common interests. Baidu Baike, the role of this networking website is equivalent to Wikipedia, however this provides information on those subjects which are permitted by Chinese government. Baidu Zhidao, offers an open place to companies to receive feedback from its potential customers and provide response to queries made by them.

Relevance of keywords:

Keywords play an important role while searching on any search engine and the same principle follows while using Baidu. You should know what keywords will be used by researchers in China conducting search on Baidu. The limitation of Baidu is that it only understands Chinese language and therefore you should have complete knowledge of Chinese language. Making use of  Chinese expert will be an excellent idea while determining keywords and content of your website. This will mean that your website is providing authentic information to internet users and you will be able to reach huge segment of customers. It would be important to mention that although there is difference of day night between Google and Baidu. But the method of recognizing keywords on both these engines is same and therefore unlike Goolge, Baidu also considers Title tags and meta-description while providing any information to researchers. Apart from this Baidu has its own research tool for locating keywords, therefore it will be better if you get yourself familiar with use of this tool. This will help you in understanding the criteria of using keywords by users.

Keep watch on technological dissimilarities:

You should understand that Baidu does not make use of software like Flash player of Java script. If your website has content supported by these software’s you will not be able to get your website activated by Baidu even if it operates it will not display the information supported by these software’s.

Hosting local websites:

It is an important point which should be kept in concern while designing website in China. You should remember that your website will be accessible by only Chinese audiences and therefore you should try to develop your website only accessible within the boundaries coming under the Great Wall of China.

These are few topics which you should know while developing website for Chinese market. However unlike normal SEO practices the subject of SEO practices in China is also very deep and still you need to learn more about SEO practices in China.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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