Best Tools For Link Building

link-buildingYes! Link building activities and reaching out to web masters for driving new links back to your website can be done easily. There are various great tools that can make the process of link building much easier and much faster for you!

so here I am going to present few tools which can help you to take your link building campaigns to the next level :

  •  Majestic SEO: This is a website browser that makes you to see the sites which are linking to your competitor’s pages. It helps you in beating your competitors in the SERPs and in identifying new opportunities to build links to your own site. This tool offers a free report for any site which is under your control and this tool can be useful in ensuring link sources which are already linking back to your website. You just need to upgrade to the paid version to access on the full spectrum of data.

  • Open Site Explorer: This tool offers similar features as majestic SEO. Through this tool you would be able to get slightly more information with this program’s free version. You just have to enter your competitors’ websites and then you have to pay attention on their linking domains, anchor test and inbound links. These all will help you informing about your own link building strategy and by updating to the paid version you can even include data on your social shares across twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

 link building services

  • Raven Tools: This tool is not cheap as it starts at $99/month but you will definitely get the worth of your expense. This tool allows you to research on the accessible link partners and this will automatically help you in grabbing the webmaster contact information and sending a standard link request message. It is quite easy to navigate.

  •  Ahrefs: This tool provides an unprecedented amount of information about a site’s inbound links which consist of each link’s ALR ratings. This tool helps you to easily manage link prospects and it ensures that partners with whom you’re contacting will be beneficial for your site.


  •  Link Research Tool: This plan starts at $199/month which is not cheap but yes this tool’s unique programming makes you certain about whether you should concentrate more on branding links or on SEOs. This tool is quite helpful in competing with competitors and analyzing why he has lost rank with in the SERPs.

 link building services

  • SEOMOz PRO : Its not just about link building but it’s a complete SEO management program that facilitates in many activates like on- site optimization practices, social media marketing and link building techniques which you can buy only in $99/month.

  • MozBar: This is free tool. It runs on Firefox and chrome extension that displays loads of valuable link prospecting information with in your browser window, like it highlights internal and external links and no-follow v/s follow links that allows you to see which links and keywords are targeting by your competitors.

  • Ontolo: It offers comprehensive suite of link research tools for a monthly fee of $97/month like raven and link research tools. This program offers few innovative features like automated link prospecting and enhanced competitors link profiling. It’s a great option for saving your time.

  • Market Samurai: This tool is more useful in keyword research but it contains few modules that can be useful for link building activities. Its ‘find content’ module  helps you in tracking down article directories, blogs and other web resources which provides potential link building opportunities and it comes in $149 that is one time investment.

  • Tout: This tool helps you in email management which allows automatically extracting contact information from websites and creating new emails and then copy in template message texts with just a single click.

  • Amazon’s Mechanical Turk: It’s actually a micro – hiring program completes a number of tasks. Through this tool it becomes possible to automate the process of link building.


  • Buzz Stream: This tool offers a comprehensive link management system which includes prospect relationship management, back link tracking and focus on link research. It comes in $30/month. This is a great option for the beginners.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.