Comeback Of Long Tail Keywords

Few years back long tail keywords were considered as a key factor for acquiring top rank in result page of search engines. However at that time SEO was less advanced than today, and optimization for particular page with specific keywords was easy. However this practice has become a history now, but the practice of long tail keywords had its own relevance and they played an eminent role in grabbing higher traffic on any website. The appropriate use of long tail keywords was possible only when the experts had complete knowledge of SEO practices.

Before moving ahead I think it would be beneficial to understand the meaning of long tail keywords. In simple long tail keywords can be defined as keywords that are not frequently used by the researchers because they do not have tendency to work for acquiring top ranking in SERPs and have less chances of being searched by search engines. Let us have a look on a long tail keyword used for search “ What is home treatment of headache”. This is an example for long tail keyword struggling to acquire top rank in search results rather than the more compatible keyword “treatment of headache”.

What are the searching habits of researchers:

From last few years Google has emerged as hot destination of all researchers for finding exact answer for their query. Moreover with entrance of Google in research made through mobile by making use of a new application introduced by Google, Google Now, people are conducting their researches through voice commands and getting answers of their different questions. This is an indication that in coming day’s researchers on Google will either make their searches on Google through voice commands or simply typing their queries on field determined for search on Google. That means if there will be researchers will search for treatment of headache, there will be one more segment who will ask for home treatment of headache.

This is considered as siren of reappearance of long tail keywords among the SEO experts, moreover this is the common practice which is still followed by various internet users searching on Google or any other search engine. Moreover with Google emerging as instant answering machine of every query users directly put their complete query on Google and expect for an authentic answer. This practice can be considered as comeback of long tail keywords.

Understanding the nature of User Intent that is helpful in increasing ROI:

As general practice SEO experts mainly focus on acquiring top rank on SERP’s which is only the beginning for any website. The main objective of every website is to retain its visitors and to perform some action on their website that is helpful in increasing financial position of website. It is where the relevance of long tail keywords increases if a researcher types “treatment of headache” it indicates that either he is conducting any study on treatment or finding the treatment of only headache. But if a researcher types home treatment of headache, than it means that he is finding the solution of headache through home medicines. This is what is known as user intent that is to understand what exactly the researcher expects from his search term.

Long tail keywords are self explanatory and you do not have conduct different verifications before revealing results to him. The proper understanding of user intent is helpful in enhancing ROI and giving expected results to the researchers.

There is very low competition among long tail keywords:

Normally long tail keywords do not face any competition for ranking in unlike specific keywords which have to face tough competition for acquiring top ranking in SERPs. As only ten results are displayed by Google on its results page the competition of top rank among the core keywords is tougher or say cut throat. On the other side long tail keywords results in high ROI they can be considered as a better option for acquiring top ranking in SERP of Google.

Accuracy of Results:

Normally there exists tough competition for ranking among the core keywords for the research conducted through them, although results displayed are of good quality which is normally because of their nature. Whereas results revealed with help of long tail keywords are more authentic and results in retaining traffic on website.

Use of Google Now:

It is anticipated that in coming future research will be based on two factors either through mobile or using commonly used language. Moreover with entrance of Android’s Google Now and Siri from iPhone, it is expected that in coming future instead of using their laptops or desktops for using browsing people will take out their mobile phone from pocket and will just give oral command to their mobile for any specific research. However it will not be important that in which format they get answer to their query. The interesting fact is that in coming days research will take shape of dialogue for search engines.

Final word:

With increasing use of smartphones and integration of latest technical features people are making maximum use of their mobile phones which in future will encourage more browsing through mobile and more use of long tail keywords for research.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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