Difference between SENuke and SENuke X

SENuke is a piece of SEO automation software which makes you able to execute your strategies for your website to compete with the most highly ranked websites which are running from the years and collecting many back links. It was launched by Areeb Bajwa in the year 2008. Now it’s more updated version is back with more power and under the banner of SENuke X.
So here’s the main differences between SENuke  and this newbie SENuke X:

1. Less complicated and more powerful – As SENuke X is new technology so it is designed to work with more power and can be operated easily as compare to SENuke. It came into existence after a long research. There was a time when people kept visualising about such kind of software. It is quite easy that you don’t need to watch even a single video or help file to get started. It’s like you just have to answer few questions and then press Finish. For this there are many training videos are available.

2. Organised in better way plus better looking – As SENuke X is updated version of SENuke ; So definitely it is designed in more organised manner. No more copying and no more pasting from module to module. The user interface has been completely re- designed. This software is based on central data- base so it makes work more organised as you don’t need to move files around.

3. Exact promotional strategy – Either you can choose from pre-loaded templates or you can find exactly according to your promotional strategy in this new software. This software provides you various modules that you can use to execute your promotional strategy.

4. No more messy projects – in this new SENuke X just drag and drop projects according to the appropriate campaign and it will stay there unlike that old SENuke under which the work was little messy as it was not possible to organise the work in such a way.

5. Profile assignment – SENuke X makes your work easier by making you save your all passwords and usernames in “profiles”. There is no need to have various option screens. This makes easy to load these profiles into the projects by assigning a profile to the appropriate projects. So this feature will make it a lot easier to manage the usernames and passwords which was little tricky in the SENuke.

6. Simultaneous various module running – As the new multi threading is built in SENuke X; you can run as many modules as you would like all at the same time. This new SENuke X makes you able to Nuke social bookmarking while also nuking Web 2.0 profiles.

7. Schedule submissions – SENuke X provides the facility of scheduling your submissions. As you just set it up once and it will do all the work automatically on its own and if it crashes then it will auto resume from where it left off.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.