Do’s and Don’t’s before using Google’s Disavow Tools

Hello Friends, in one of my last blog couple of days back we had discussed the features adorned in new update from Google i.e., “Disavow Links weapon from Google” thanks to Google for acceding our request and introducing a tough contender against WordPress in Google’s Webmaster tools. If you remember at one place in my that  blog related with Disavow Links I had mentioned regarding the warning given by Mr. Matt Cutts regarding use of this feature to follow precaution regarding its use.  Therefore today I thought that let us today go through Do’s and Don’t’s  which one should follow while use of this feature.

Let us begin our discussion with Don’t’s which you should not do while Disavowing links.



  Don’t disavow links until you are not confirmed:


Searching weak links is not like making a cup of coffee. It does not mean searching for domain names, domain authority or anything is quite enough. For this you need to construct a data set of back links at first stage after which there is series of 19 steps that will help you in disavowing links.


 Not a short cut: 


Disavowal should be considered as a tool and not a stick of magic, therefore you should submit only those links to which you tried to remove earlier. Of-course it is easier to remove unwanted links but it requires proper steps to be followed and consider it as a tool that is initiated to retain control on spammers.


  Don’t disavow full domain until you are not confirmed:


Under the huge fleet of industry blogs, news sites, content sites etc which look like waste. And ofcourse almost 90% of them are waste but than what about remaining 10%. The website integrated with links from Microsoft, Yahoo or CNN are useful until their relevance does not decline. Therefore do not disavow domains until unless you are 100% sure.


  Do not consider that rankings can be improved by disavowing links:


There are various reasons which may result in decline in ranking of your website. It may also decline as an effect of Penguin update due to poor or copied content. It is therefore necessary to be intelligent in disavow only those links which you consider to be spammy and to whom you tried to remove earlier. Once you have done this go back to your website and see the changes.


  Do not request for re-inclusion request:


There are some examples where sites have requested for re-inclusion of certain links after the introduction of Penguin update. This will result in keeping your website from Google search results as your website may undergo additional checking of your website by Google. Therefore before you request for re-inclusion confirm that you have conducted your research properly.


  Do not adopt the practice of regular uploading:


If you find brigade of weaker links submit them and wait for result. But it does not mean that you should include it in your daily schedule and then wonder why your ranking is not improving. Google has agreed warned that it should be used with precautions.




Now let us discuss the steps which you should follow:


1. Time for party:-

Google has provided you a tool that will help you in filtering spammy links. This is really a moment of party indeed.


2.  Do fill the request of disavowing links properly:-

For this you need to create a text file placing one URL on each line. Google has also mentioned some instructions;


  •   Lines that are marked with hash # should be considered as comments;
  •   Lines that have “domain” enable you to disavow all links of that domain. After  which your file appears as given below:



3. Do make use of Webmaster Tools:-

Do not be silly go to your website and find easy links. Go for the links that appear first and filter them. This is also helpful for those websites that do not access SEOmoz or MajesticSEO or ahrefs, you can still check links that are affecting your website. However database cannot be taken as granted they will still assist you in solving issues related with back links of your website.


4. Do consider it as rel=”canonical”:-

Gogole consider this tool as suggestive tool rather than directive. It do not gives us key of any treasure due to our requests. Because the power which benefited spammers from Penguin. It is therefore necessary to use only when required.


5. Do give it time:-

Google had already announced that result will not be instant and it will take some time for changes to appear on your website. According to Google it needs recrawl and reindex the URLs that you consider for disavowing before they can be disavowed.


Now it is time for you to practice this tool with precautions and wait for expected results.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.