Educational Games: The Future Of Online Learning

In the modern era where the technology is progressing with each passing second, there is a cut throat competition to develop, produce and provide the best alternative for each and everything. There are thousands of new developments everyday which in due course of time establish their superiority over the others and make their place in the new guidelines or methods to be followed.

One such tremendous development has been in the field of education. Earlier all the education was imparted using the traditional methods such as the blackboard, chalk, textbooks and notebooks. The very established techniques of reading, writing and dictation were followed to nurture the students. However with advent of technology, there has been a drastic change in the teaching methodology.

Utility and Impact of Online Educational Games


The new advent in the field of imparting education is the use of Audio visual technology, Internet, Online games, PowerPoint presentations to educate the kids. Unlike the traditional method of writing on the board with a chalk, the institutions are equipped with interactive boards with internet connectivity and are touch sensitive. For instance, while teaching the students about the Animal and their sounds, the teacher can effortlessly make the students hear the sound of elephant’s trumpet. These audio visuals enable the students to comprehend what is being taught to them easily.

The use of online games such as join the Alphabet, Add the numbers provide a huge impetus to the grasping power of the children. Even a 3 year old kid can be made to learn and understand the basic usage of the keyboard and the mouse, triggering his mental development.


The online games inculcate in the children the ability to operate a device to some extent, make the user more interactive and also stimulate their hand eye co-ordination. As a result, the children respond on seeing the similar objects in their surroundings.

The Online games have a wide variety , owing to their diversity they come in numerous genres, like mission games , games for kindergarten kids , games for children of all age groups , sport games etc. These games instill in the students the ability to solve problems, on spot decision making, Use of various languages and a better attention span. Not only this, these games also nurture the motor skills of a student giving them an edge over the others.

The use of online games gives the children a sense of relevancy, where they can actually see how the knowledge being imparted to them is relevant to the world in which they are living. It also encourages the students to successfully apply their education practically.

Succumbing to their attraction towards the modern technology, the kids are reported to spend the same time with their gaming consoles and computer games as they do in school. No wonder the children who don’t play online games mostly lag behind in the terms of overall development to those children who are active gamers. Hence, it can be rightly said that the Educational Games are the bejeweled future of online learning.

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