Effective Tools And Tactics To Test Your Product Marketing Before Launch

An effective marketing plan for your product is the key to success in today’s complex market. It takes a lot of effort and time to put together a great marketing plan, a landing page or even a full web app. So wouldn’t it be cool to know if whatever you are building is going to lead you towards great success?

In today’s blog we will discuss the effective tools and tactics which you should know to test your product before its launch and before you invest in it. It is important to know whether you are going in right direction or not? Your whole efforts and time which you are investing in entire website or before the launch of product are really going to work or not? So that would be great if you learn about your target customers, visitors, about how much people like the product and their critical feedback before you actually launch. I am sure you are going to do so much better then. so here I am presenting few tips to make you sure regarding your efforts :

  •  SEO, social media, content marketing: These are very common but still lots of people don’t use it which you can use before invest in all the organic marketing channels. SEO, social media, content marketing, doing press outreach and reach to bloggers, through all these stuff you can buy the keywords through PPC by flipping on an AdWords account or Bing Account then sending traffic directly from the search results over to your web page. For this you just need to have a functional page here which is not need to be complete like it doesn’t require building out the full product or full feature set. Your main objective here to understand whether these visitors are interested or not in your potential product?

  • Beta Launch Pages: You can put the teaser of the product by saying that I am going to put a teaser of the product which I am going to build soon but it’s not ready yet. You can ask them to sign up to get the email invitation or leave some comment or feedback about the product. You can also ask them some survey questions regarding this beta sign up page. There are Google hosted apps which you can use for embedding on web pages. You can also embed a Survey Monkey survey. By these techniques you can actually calculate that how much people are actually excited about your product like if you got the 1000 visitors on your page and out of them only 5 filled out that they want email invitation and rest bounced then there is something wrong with the product or how the page is selling the product. So this will help you in bringing the changes which are required in the product before launching it blindly.

  • Mechanical Turk or FIVERR : You can use something like Mechanical Turk or FIVERR which are helpful not just for your product but these are beneficial for your blog posts, contents, viral contents, video , an infographic or for surveys done by friends or users or beta test list or you can use anonymous list .You can buy users on FIVERR to perform complicated tasks like in $5 per task you can ask people to go run through this whole app and sending you the feedback through this you can get some serious and intensive feedback for your product. There are a few other applications also like Silverback app which helps you in this way.


  • Feedback Army or Five second test: These are some great tools which are helpful in testing up front, headlines, message, testing the landing pages, their performance, the marketing campaign and even the usability of websites. You can give it a try as these are really beneficial. Through this you can do early upfront testing and get to know what people want in a wonderful way.


All right then. Thanks everyone for joining me and see you all with the next blog.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.