Facebook Crawls New Feature : Finds Friends Nearby

Hello readers, Greetings!!!!! Hope you would have great weekend. Well friends let us start our this week with some interesting and delighting news which will undoubtedly make our youth friends more excited especially to them who consider Facebook as the most promising place of contacting their friends and relatives without even meeting them.

Well friends, though official announcement about this news is yet to be confirmed from authentic sources of Facebook but it is rumored that your most liked website has introduced new feature in series of features offered by it.  To this new feature it has named as Finds Friends Nearby (FNN) page. The page comprises the data based on location and mobile web page to create list of Facebook users residing at particular region.  Now to search your friend on Facebook you will not be required to mention his name and then use normal method of adding him in friends list. The new feature will facilitate the users  living in same location will simple go to FFN page and become friends.

To use the new feature users should allow the browser to access their current location. Once Facebook access and share the location data, user is able to visit FFN page.  There are users who are concerned about privacy methods related with new feature and worry that it might create awkward situations. Although once the users will leave the FFN page they will not visible to other users.

In the words of Ryan Patterson, one of the creative minds from Facebook who contributed in designing the new feature said, he and his mate came to know about the service from developer Roger Pincombe, who came to know about the integration of new feature from the founder of Facebook during Angelhack event where one of the experts from team was exhibiting the working of applications among audiences.  According to him although the new is not officially launched but the users may have an access to it.

Until the feature is officially launched the users can access the feature in two ways:

Step 1: Visit http://fb.com/ffn mobile webpage;

Steps 2: Another step is to go Menu icon——Find friends—- other tools and then  move on the icon of FFN.

It is also speculated that the new feature will also enable to locate friends with common interests and habits.

So guys now what are you waiting for just log on to your Facebook and have an access to new feature so as to exhibit your expertise on new feature among your friends.


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