Facebook On The Path Of Twitter: Speculating To Make Use Of Hashtags (#)

Rumors are flowing in air that the star of social networking websites Facebook is also going to follow the path of another star of social networking website Twitter, by rejuvenating itself with hashtags. It is also rumored that this change can take place any time in coming days, and everyone associated with Facebook will be compelled to use it whether he likes the new change or not. Prior to Facebook, Twitter started the use of (#)hashtags for differentiating research based on few topics with specific keywords. However, still final announcement regarding introduction of hashtags has to be come out from Facebook.

Rumors regarding introduction of hashtags by Facebook got strengthened few days back when sources of Facebook addressed to The Wall Street that group is seriously speculating about use of hastags, with this sources also concluded that the change will not be introduced immediately and group will officially announce the introduction of new segment on its site. Though reality about hastags is still behind the curtain, but it has brought smile on the faces of marketers that this change will enhance their chances of being more visible on this social media genius.

The rumors regarding use of hastags by Facebook has been welcome by various industry experts. Commenting on use of hashtags, Mr. Natalie, senior manager of public relations department at 1-800- got-Junk, which considers itself one of an established name in world of junk eliminating companies throughout world says, that making appearance on social networking websites is based on chance and use of hashtags will enhance this practice.

Going through the possibilities of being noticed on social networking websites are limitless. But, until unless nothing is cleared regarding introduction of hashtags by Facebook, that when and how these changes will be activated, nothing could be predicted regarding success of hashtags on Facebook. An interesting feature about hashtags is that it is helpful in distinguishing the topics being searched by the researchers. It will help different brands to establish their independent identity on specific subject and encourage debate on few subjects. This means that integration of hastags will encourage Facebook to organize discussions and interactions on different topics.

According to Jean-Philippe Gaudette, strategty designer of social media at Codmorse, which is web agency located at Montreal, the new feature will facilitate the users to express their views and thoughts regarding some brand, with this they will also be able to go through the thoughts expressed by other users. This trend will also inspire companies to get their working conditions according to current scenario for strengthening their visibility, as they follow on Twitter.

In the words of Taylor Aldredge, digital and social media head at Grasshopper, which is phone operating company in Boston, said that hastags will act as mediator between the registered users of Facebook with other users beyond their circles. Moving ahead Mr. Aldredge said that this change will give facebook an organic look.

Where use of hashtags is welcomed by various experts, there are some others who share some different thoughts. According to Mr. Michael Freeman, Senior search manager of Shore Tel Sky, VoIP service provider company, the type of discussion which Facebook encourages could be carried out on Twitter in much better way.

There are some who believes that the major problem in front of Facebook will be to shift the business to business discussions that are going on Twitter and LinkedIn. For the users Facebook is platform which provides them facility of being linked with persons only in their social network and not in their professional network.

On the other side apart from Twitter, hastags has also been used by Google+, Pinterest, infact Facebook’s alliance Instagram also makes use of hastags to make classifications.

Well what step Facebook will take is still behind the curtains.

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