Facebook Provides – Download Your Information Including IP Address And Friend Requests

FACEBOOK Now Facebook users will be able to download an expanded archive of the history of their Facebook account. Yes! Its possible now as company has expanded download your information feature to include additional categories like friend requests which you have made, previous names and IP addresses you logged in from. Gradually this feature will be rolled out for all users as announced on their Facebook and privacy page.

According to this feature now Facebook users are allowed to download a copy of their shared things on site like posts, photos, messages list of friends and chat information also.

There are certain restrictions like users can not download those data like status updates and photos or comments which they have made on someone else’s page.

This download feature is available in your Facebook account settings and can be found in general section.

There are privacy concerns also regarding this feature so it is clear which specific information can be or can not be retrieved.

According to Facebook’s download your information page here is a list of information which you would be able to retrieve and which you can’t access –

  •   IP addresses- This won’t include all the IP addresses that you have ever accessed your account .This will include only what Facebook has stored.
  •   Login Info – This won’t include every login during your account’s history. Only the list of logins which they have stored can be retrieved.
  •   Logout info- Just like log in info you can get log out info as IP address can be retrieved.
  •   Pending Friend Request- Friend requests you have received and sent but haven’t denied or accepted can be retrieved.
  •   Account status changes- Dates when your account was deleted, deactivated, disabled or reactivated.
  •   Poke info- Information about your exchanged pokes.
  •   Event info- Events that you have accepted, responded or declined
  •   Your city and hometown (currently listed)
  •   The mobile phone numbers you have added to your account.
  •   The name of the family members you have listed
  •  Your relationship status
  •   The list of languages that you have updated on your account
  •   Any changes that you have made on your account; its history can be retrieved.

So go and check out this amazing feature on our beloved Facebook. What are you waiting for? I will catch you soon with my next post.

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