Fast Tips For A Faster Site

Fast Website

Online presence is an important factor and so is the way your online presence gets notified. If you are running a business online, you will certainly have a number of window shoppers visiting your site. The speed of your website might impress the visitor and turn them into paying and loyal customers. According to one psychological study, anyone who is around on your website for shopping will tolerate no more than 2 seconds delay in the loading.

Page load time needs to be decreased considerably in order to leave a positive impression and the site still needs to be attractive and catchy. The prior step is to measure your page performance through the number of tools. One of such tools perhaps is the WebPagetest that is a free service giving a complete view of your website performance where you can get to have a complete report of the website. The pages with images will surely take more time to load but that is justified.

There are other ways to analyze your website including Firebug authored by Firefox. The add-on helps you check for performance issues that persist in your website and debug for code errors. There is no doubt that Firefox can act as the perfect tool for web developers in designing and developing an online presence. Even when you are not a regular Firefox user, it’s a healthy practice to download it for the monitoring of your website.

Firebug In combination with YSlow from Yahoo! is another of the add-on that helps Firebug analyze the webpage even better and get you some suggestions for improvement of page loading. Google Page Speed add-on is similar to YSlow. Using both tools simultaneously is an excellent way to enhance site performance as both tools are going to set forth excellent suggestions.

There are further three tips to enhance the performance:

  • Reduce the number of HTTP Requests: This will load down the page faster so make sure that your website makes the minimum number of requests between the server and the browser. Once you get a control on this factor, there will be a considerable change in the speed at which your website will be loading. Use of JavaScript with LABjs, concatenation of style sheets and files and use of image sprites is an excellent way to reduce these HTTP requests.
  • Alter images for optimized loading: Slow loading pages might be a reason of images rich in graphics. Optimize each image and other files in a way as to make them smallest in size just to make sure that you get the results of your desire. Conversion of images to PNG is an excellent way to cut short the size and still retain the same high quality. Pngcrunch is an excellent tool to optimize the images and squeeze them in the best possible manner. JPG format is another alternative to image size and quality.
  • Use Content Delivery Network: This is a depot of files nearest to the client in order to make sure that the retrieval is easy and saves you ample times from loading.

You follow the simple tips after analyzing your website for performance issues; you can surely have many problems sorted out.

Mohit Parnami, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Mohit has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.