Four Effective Ways To Use Twitter For Better Customer Service And Support

I believe that twitter is one of the best platforms to give your customers great services and support, but because of ignorance many companies are unaware of this big advantage.

Today we will discuss few ways through which you can use your twitter account as a powerful tool of providing terrific services and support to your target customers-


1High Speed Of Twitter Is Your Benefit – Everyone likes instant replies. Here you can use this as an advantage by responding to your customers in less than 5 minutes on twitter. As the replying through twitter is quite easy and it provides a good amount of speed in conversing so you can use this feature to increase the interest of your customers by making them happy with quick response.


2. Personalize The Experience On Twitter As Much As You Can – You can maintain a personal touch with your target customers by conversing with them in their language (avoiding that corporate language) this will help you in giving more support and better customer services to your customers as they will not be hesitated in asking their queries and will remain happy with your services. This will help you to increase mouth publicity which is more important than any other marketing strategy. Here are few things which you can do for this-

  • Personalize Your Bio On Twitter: Put your teams’ and your name in the business account. It helps in building trust. You can add the handle of your personal account so that customers can directly ask their urgent queries from you.
  • Use Names In Tweets: If you want to connect with your customers in better way then use your actual name at the end of the tweet. It will make your customers to ask their queries directly from you freely.
  • Instead Of Logo Use Your Face As Avatars For Display Picture: You should use your actual picture of your face instead of using logo for your display picture. Its quite simple step which will make you human and more reachable. You can use your personal account for solving more queries of customers as this will help you in getting more pressing questions from your customers.

3Use Direct Messages As Your Advantage – Use DM facility to reply those tons of incoming tweets. It is one of the best ways to support as to help large amount of audience in short span of time.

Here are few steps which can help you for this :

  • First tweet with explaining problem then reply to @mentions with a DM. through this you can go into detailed information by conversing there on DM.
  • You can switch back to giving replies on timeline if there is no more acute problem but keep in touch with your customers by regular tweeting through your account.
  • You can DM your email id if 140 characters are not sufficient to solve the problems.

4.  Give Your Best Customer Service To People Who Aren’t Your Customers Yet – Try to help those people who are not directly connected through your product but their problem is related to your niche, this will help you in generating new connections. Whatever business you are in, there will be large number of people having questions related to your field. You can help them even without telling about your product, this will make those people to check out about you, like you are offering which product or service etc. this will help you in building your loyal customers. You can simply search for your niche keywords in twitter search box and check out the problems people are asking related to your field.

Thanks to all readers. I hope these ideas will make you more loyal among your customers.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.