Four Tactics To Energize Your Guest Blog With Social Media

As a blog writer you must be aware of the fact that writing is a skill, your writing should be such that it engages reader from the first line and he does not leave your article without finishing it. The relevance of impressive writing increases more if you write blog as guest blogger. The main objective of writing blog as a guest blogger is to explicit facts in broad sense so as to attract readers and make them compel to read your article. Now the question arises how you should write your blog that grabs audiences without making use of ambiguous titles or lascivious photos?

It is quite simple, just make appropriate of use of media sources. There are different ways to use media for exploring your blogs among readers and make it subject of debate. Let me try to throw some light on four different ways by which you can make your guest blog post most catchy.

1. Begin your blog with a Dialogue:


Normally guest bloggers write blogs for some targeted communities about which they are familiar. Therefore if you are writing as guest blogger than as a first step you need to get yourself registered with different communities on various social networking websites for instance Facebook and Twitter. An interesting way to begin your blog as guest blogger is to begin your blog by talking to your friends and targeted readers. Post some ideas shared by them, or throw some question of Facebook to know their thoughts, or Tweet on specific communities and you will never understand when an indirect debate has started online. Therefore instead of direct placing content to readers and waiting for them to start discussion. Focus your blog on current discussion which is getting huge masses for discussion on social media platforms. As people have already participated on a debate your blog will be like a spice in food without spices.

2. Take an Opinion Poll:


Election is considered as the best weapon for guest bloggers which they can conduct within their ongoing gang of targeted communities and social media present its result in easy and quick way, especially Facebook integrates feature of built-in election features. The results of this poll can be integrated in your ongoing blog. Replies from readers can be received in form of comments. But if your blog is posted on any of social media sources than you get your reader in a poll by directly providing them facility to vote their replies on the place provided in your blog.  Remember to ask a meaningful question so that the replies you receive can be used in encouraging your next blog. You also need to remember that people are keen to know about the updates and appreciate positive approach. In this way you have to perform two actions at same time writing a blog on current scenario at one side and referring the replies of readers on the other side.

3. Elevate your post with impressive scaffold:


The best way to explore your published blog to masses is to integrate blog with your social networking accounts, so that your friends and others can also go through it.  One more option to use link sharing is asking your reader to say few words about your blog. In this regard I would like give an example of some blogs, infact you would have also noticed have a tag line “Check this Out” or anything else like this. Therefore in your next blog try to integrate some interesting tag lines like that followed by a link. Your objective should be to boost readers to post their comments on your blog even if they do not like it. You should also mention the reason for writing that particular blog, if your blog is written on any ongoing current issue, than you should ask your readers to suggest their views on that issue. This type of polling can be difficult on Twitter,  but you will realize that a short comment from readers will prove to be helpful to you just in the way as the title of your blog.

4. Respect the on-going Custom:


There are some bloggers who consider use of social networking website as time consuming act, but I consider as an important tool to get in touch with ideas about interest of people. I will let you understand this with an example. Just produce a group of your contacts on any of social networking website and keep watch on it at regular interval. You will notice there is developing a meme replying to every new event taking place from real world to reality programs on television channel. I would like to tell you guest bloggers are at most advantageous position than compared to regular bloggers, because they have freedom to write their thoughts on different matters without any boundations. And use of social networking may help you in getting new readers apart from your regular readers, start talking to them and make yourself popular within owning your personal website.

I am sure this blog would prove to be a beneficial tutorial for you in making your individual image in blog world. Please do feel free to contact me in case of any concern.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.