Fresher Index & Free URL Submitter: A Majestic Step By Majestic SEO Indeed

Making the feasibility of its name true Majestic SEO has again taken a majestic step in the services provided by it by introducing an advanced URL submission tool. As an impact of new majestic step it has removed the restrictions of getting the websites of non paid subscribers indexed by it for 90 days. Now any web owner, even if he is not paid member of majestic SEO he will be able to get his website crawled and indexed with this enhanced feature.

The main objective of enhancing the feature of its services is that it will improvise the crawling quality of submitted URLs and the results displayed by them, which means speedy crawling and indexing of URLs submitted by web owners. However the sources of Majestic SEO have not given any type of assurance in this context that the submitted URLs will be crawled at instant speed. It may be after some hours of URL submission or may be on the other day. The free holders of Majestic SEO account have facility of submitting almost 100 URLs every day.

Prior to this the paid members had facility of submitting unlimited URLs to Majestic SEO for getting instant analysis of their URLs. This was really a surprising thing for members which they did not find on other tools determined for submitting URLs. As an enhanced feature now the members have the facility of requesting tool to crawl and index specific URLs instantly. That means now the tool can index specific URLs and pages according to your requirement.

Majestic SEO has introduced few changes pertaining with SEO backlinks. The new indexing tool analysis the backlinks as pages of your websites. If you are already a member of Majestic SEO or have recently joined the group there are few factors which you should know and which are of great importance for its members. These factors are set forth as:

1. Review of History:  This tool facilitates you to have a look of your data submitted earlier by you comprising anchor text, backlinks, referred domains etc. By this you can make comparison between your back data and data on hand;

2. Blogs:  Blogging the best way to get closer to your clients and therefore from time to time Majestic SEO publishes interesting blogs for its clients to enhance their knowledge and keep them updated with its activities;

3. Comparing different sites: As a member of Majestic SEO you are facilitated to compare backlinks of various other websites, making it superior than other URL submission tool. You can also go through some additional information including backlinks of various government institutions etc;

4. Supportive videos: It is said that practical knowledge is more beneficial than theoretical knowledge, keeping this factor in concern, Majestic SEO provides you a video to help you in learning the use of this tool;

5. Benefits of subscriptions: However huge offers are provided to non paid members of tool, but if you want to enjoy additional features apart from regular benefits than you option of subscribing for different packages offered by the group, this includes membership for silver, gold and platinum. The number of benefits increases with level of membership;

6. Different languages: It is not necessary that every member associated with majestic SEO is familiar with use of English. Therefore keeping this problem of members in concern majestic SEO is also available in French and German languages. It is expected that in coming future it will be introduced in other languages also.

These are few important factors which should be considered by every member of majestic SEO whether he is paid member or non paid member.

What is your experience regarding this tool, please do feel free to share your experience with me.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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