Good Or Bad: Bitter Truth Is That Google Considers Brand Name

There is an old saying that it is your work which speaks and not your name and people remember you because of your work. The same principle applies in business and the product which satisfies the needs of customers is always on their mind for years as a branded product.  The brand of name of your product plays an important role in establishing the name of company and its recognition among the customers. Even if you are running a small business but your product has succeeded in satisfying the needs of customers you need not have to worry from your contenders making their strong online presence. A small business entrepreneur can also make its strong presence in world of online brand names.  But now the question arises, how a small business can make its presence in online world.

In today’s situation when whole world has stretched on Internet strong online presence is necessary to make image of your brand especially on the famous search engines like Google. But now the question arises that how one can make the brand image of his product in an online market? An answer to this question is that it can be done by two ways (i) you should know the signals which Google considers for making brand image of your products and (ii) from where you can get these signals.

If you ask this question from a layman that what brand signals you should use for making brand of your product, his reply would be build a qualitative product which could make brand image of your product. Though practically this answer seems to be a correct answer but this is concept is wrong. Because image of your brand is a long term process and may take time in making image of your brand. Moreover if your contenders are having strong online network you simple efforts will not be satisfactory to make strong image of your brand in front of online customers. For this you will have to properly design your marketing strategy keeping in concern all factors which could prove to be an effective source in ongoing situation where every next customer is internet savvy and prefers to stay online for long hours of day.

1. Make strong presence on social networking websites:

In today’s internet world social networking websites have emerged as a strong signal from making your product a brand. Going to this relevance of social networking websites Google considers it as an important determinant of assessing the fame of your brand. For this Google takes the number of followers on your brand in concern. To increase the number of followers on your brand you should create your account on every social networking website including Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. But creating an account on these networking websites is not enough until unless you do not have huge number of followers, likes and fans etc. All these factors are helpful in reflecting image of your product as brand.

By engaging followers with your website you provide them an option of talking with you and making their doubts, if any they have, regarding your product. And once they are satisfied from your reply they will share with others and in this way number of followers for your brand increases.

LinkedIn: The main objective of LinkedIn social networking website is to display you business connections. However to enjoy benefits of this website you should know following factors:

  • Employees: If your organization is a big organization with huge fleet of employees working for you. In that case you can display the list of all employees on your account. This will help in making large network for your organization because by LinkedIn account your name will be displayed to every person who is linked with your employees.
  • Try to create a professional profile: This will be helpful in proving that you are involved in a long term business and you will stay in market for long term. However for this you should try to get every person linked with you on your linked account.

2.Necessary steps to be kept in concern for making online brand image:

There are some factors which should be kept in concern while developing website of your organization. These factors include:

  • About us: It is the page wherein you can provide every information regarding objectives and mission of your business, your plans etc.
  • Information regarding your contact: In this section you should provide your contact information to the visitors on which they can contact you. These attributes should be integrated in your contact information, your correspondence address, your telephone and fax numbers, and your email address.
  • Logos: The logo of your company is the first impression of your company and is recognized as recognition of your brand. It is therefore necessary that your website should also display the logo of your company.

3.Try to make such brand signals which are helpful in locating your brand on search engines:

It is the most common principle which everyone understands but nobody pays attention towards it while developing website of his organization.  It will better to speak the name of your brand on various platforms:

  • Post image of your brand on Pinterest: It is the most common and interesting method of promoting your brand. Displaying logo of your company on various photos leaves impact on everyone viewing that photo and when they see same logo somewhere immediately name of your brand  triggers his mind;
  • Promote your Brand on Twitter: A single tweet regarding your brand not only reaches to masses at one time but also grabs attention of Google.

So now what you are waiting for? Wake up make your brand image online to give a tough fight to your online contenders.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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