Google On Way To Soon Update Its Penguin: It’s Time To Analyze Your Strategy For Link Building

Recently Google’s web spam head Matt Cutt’s announced that google is soon going to make some explosive update in its Penguin weapon. According to Mr. Cutts, this update will demolish the shine of other updates that will be introduced by its contenders during this year. This statement from Mr. Matt Cutts is an indication for web owners to redesign their strategies and protect them from some destructive harm which they may face as an impact of this Penguin update by Google.

As nothing has been revealed about the updates that will be introduced in Penguin,  making any speculation will be wastage of time. However instead of wasting time on any anticipations it will be better to revise the factors which were considered by prior version of Penguin:

  • More consideration on things which seems to be considered as black hat;
  • Focusing of anchor text links that are exact to each other;
  • Links that are received from weak sources;
  • Involvement in schemes of link trading, buying etc;
  • Creating links by making use of some duplicate content;
  • Links integrated from web and article directories, sites determined for social bookmarking;
  • Any content which is of not any use for the readers.

It would be important to mention here that the main objective of Penguin is to detect links that impact on your page ranking. Penguin is not interested to know that from where you go these links or what links you are using for your page. As a general practice there are three layers of links and if this new Penguin update is designed to focus on these links, then it will influence these links in following manner:

Promotional links:

These links are mainly created manually from guest posts and by collaborating with other sites. There is nothing wrong in using these links, moreover they are helpful in grabbing traffic and exploring your website and developing brand image of your product. These links are relevant for exposure which results in creation of secondary links. However as far as their quality is concerned than it may affect your page ranking if they are of low quality, but one thing is quite sure that they will not make harm to your website.

Spam/ Manipulative links:

An interesting fact about these links is that integration of these links is mainly depended on your wish and they are mainly used for improving ranking of your website. But major drawback of these links is that use of these links is risky and sometimes may be harmful for your website.
Editorial links:

These are those links which do not create any worst impact on your website because they are created according to requirement of your content and integration of these links never results in decline of your page ranking.

If new Penguin update is really targeted on link building than I feel that it is time to evaluate link building strategies keeping concept of Penguin in concern. In this regard an important factor that should be kept in concern while building links is that will it be beneficial to create this link if it is no-follow link. Because if this link fails than it is quite possible that will result in decline of your page ranking. Therefore the best way to avoid this situation is to analyze your link strategy so as to protect yourself from upcoming Penguin Update.

Honestly speaking the best way to avoid any unfavorable situation in future is to remove those links that are “no-follow” links. Remember one thing normally search engines look for those links that are meaningful and meet the purpose of researchers.

It is assumed that the upcoming Penguin update will definitely define explore the meaning of spam in more broader terms. Because as a general practice with every update Google comes with some improved format of search pattern. And therefore it is hard to believe that Google will focus on those topics which have been already modified. Moreover as far as Google’s Terms of Services are concerned, the new update is part of Google’s marketing strategy. The main objective of SEO is to make your online presence more stronger, even if you are not able to enjoy benefits offered by search engines. This strategy is an assured strategy for someone who is seriously interested in making his strong presence in front of visitors. Dependence of Google’s algorithm to much extent may be sometimes harmful for you.

Well instead of making more predictions regarding new Penguin update the best way is to wait for a day when this update will be introduced.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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