Google Punishes UK’s Flower Website For Initiating Excessive Use of Advertorial Campaign

Interflora, a flower website of United Kingdom has been eliminated from UK’s Google search results for posting more than 150 advertorials on local news websites. An interesting feature of this elimination is that it has taken place just after 11 days, since Google has eliminated its Interflora penalty weapon to encourage the practice of advertorials.

Although in beginning nobody was able to understand that why Interflora is not considering its own name for ranking purpose after being combined with search terms as flowers or flower delivery. Anyhow the doubts were soon cleared after a study conducted by David Naylor in which he revealed that all this happened due to excess of advertorials posted by Interflora before the commencement of Valentine’s day this year. The following picture gives an idea about the advertorial campaign initiated by Interflora.

However later it was also cleared by Google’s eminent engineer Matt Cutts in his blog posted on Google Webmaster Central, that the matter was related with excessive posting of advertorials. Moving ahead on this

In words of Dan Barker, both Google + and Interflora have initiated serious efforts for improving their ranking but could not succeed in retaining their ranking. However the penalty applied by Interflora is much less than the penalties applied by J C Penney and Overstock few years back.

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