Google Realtime Search as Twitter Deal Expires

Recently, we were baffled by the mysterious disappearance of Realtime Search in Google. Now, we know the reason: The deal between Google and Twitter to carry the results to the search engine has already expired and thus, all content related to it has been brought down as well.

According to Google, since 2009, the search engine company is in an agreement with Twitter to include the Tweets or updates into the search engine using a unique kind of feed. Sadly, the term expired on July 2. Therefore, any feeds after the expiration date will no longer be seen in Google. However, public information from twitter can still be searched and discovered through the said search engine.

Do not despair, the Google said that if the Real Time search results become online again, it will include an even bigger variety of results and therefore, it aims not to be biased with the Google Plus materials. In the past the search feature has carried results from various social media platforms, and feeds. It contains Links from Google News, Tweets, Blog search links, new web pages that were updated, updates from Jaiku, TwitArmy and, Fanpage updates from Facebook, Me2Day, TwitGooa and many more.  Nonetheless, it was Twitter that has dominated the space. Of course they could have just renewed the deal again but Twitter stated that they still offer this kind of service to other search engines like in Yahoo!, MSN, and other small developers.

Twitter is continuing their relationships with other search engines and while both parties say that they are open for future collaborations and projects, probably nobody is willing to take on those for the mean time especially since Google has a new focus: Google Plus. It seems like there is a kind of rift between the two and both are trying to be civil about the situation. Nonetheless, Google has their socials covered with the introduction of Google+.

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