Google Reveals Screenshots Of Spam Pages Through It Live Spam Page

“How Search Works” is not subject of our discussion but is name of recently launched website by Google. This website is expected to be of great help to SEO industry which is always concerned about spam links which reflect the ranking of websites in search results displayed by Google. Commenting on introduction of new website, sources of Google said that the main objective of developing this website is to protect websites from affect of enormous spam pages that are abundantly generated each day. This website will identify those pages and control on practices which encourage the practice of creating spam pages including useless stuffing of keywords, invisible text, paid links etc.

The launch of new website was not result of a one day research but involved high speculations and examinations and before final launch of website Google had almost identified almost 50% of website affected by spam pages. According to Google all these pages were generated as an impact of excessive use of spamming techniques which involves copying content from other websites etc. An interesting feature this website is that it creates screenshots of every spam page automatically. Below are given few examples of screenshots.

The Live Spam section of Google will let you know that which practices you should avoid while creating a web page and website of your organization for being notified in search results displayed by Google.

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