Guide To Combine Content Marketing, Conferences And Viral Content

content marketingAlthough still there are few days left in inaugural of SES conference at New York, content marketing is becoming the hot topic of discussion among the SEO experts and everybody is interested in adopting holistic approach towards content marketing. They are interested in merging content marketing and conference strategies together that is how the strategy of content marketing should be designed so that it meets the strategies of conference. Let us focus on the factors which can help in making appropriate use of strategies designed for content marketing along with strategies determined for conference.

1. Prepare content to be presented by you during Conference quite early:

Normally in every conference whatever paper is presented by you is distributed among all the participants during the conference. This is helpful in making others to go through your content intensively and helps you in enjoying more returns on marketing investment. You should adopt following steps:

  • The blog or report or any content which you want to distribute during the conference should be according to the theme of conference;
  • Forward your content to social media before the commencement of conference and try to use services of social media for exploring your content;
  • Try to create an interesting content, this will ensure more exposure to your content. Because an interesting content compels others to read your content full. This increases the more chances of your team to explore its activities.

2. Get involved with others and share your content with them:

Getting in contact with others during and after conference is the common practice which is followed by everyone attending any particular conference, this is helpful in sharing thoughts with people of common interests. For this you should get involved with persons in conference so as to check who shares the thoughts similar to you. This can be done by following tips mentioned below:



  • You should get involved with speakers of specific sessions during conference and try to understand their thoughts;
  • The best way to share your content with others is to expose your content through surveys, competitions etc before the commencement of conference. This will help you in grabbing attention from social media;
  • Make the list of subjects to be discussed during different sessions;
  • Keep in contact with your sales team and make sure that your content is properly delivered on every hand.

Remember one thing as right action at right time makes you win the game, the same principle applies during the conference. Distribution of right content to right people on right time will change the total scene.

3. Capitalize:

The overall essence of subject is that conference is the place which provides you platform to explore your content among the masses. No matter how much amount you spent on conference the fact is that did you succeeded in your objective of exploring your content for increasing your sales.  For this you keep following points in concern.

  • Make sure that creating a qualitative content and its appropriate distribution is the key factor of conference;
  • Be clear about your objective and goals and how to make effective use of different channels;
  • Create a creative content and get involved with participants of the conference after the commencement of conference. This can be in any form including photo shoring, summaries of blogs, etc.

Remember the importance of dialogue and creative content.

 Relevance of creative content and dialogue:

Conferences provide the platform of exploring your network, sharing your content and convincing others with your thoughts. For you can work on;


  • Make the list of all strategies for content marketing;
  • Explore your network for sharing your content;
  • Stay in contact with your team and make them understand the objective of your team.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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