How to allure more Twitter Followers

Hello friends Cheers!!!! Today I am going to ask you one simple question and expect true answer from all of you. Because even if you lie to me, am sure my question will no doubt make you think about your vast computer knowledge.


All of you are aware of commonly used internet terms Facebook, Orkut, Twitter. Now tell me how many of you know the way of using Twitter and making others to read and go through your posts. As normally all of you had read in newspapers various celebrities commenting on Twitter there is any gossip being published regarding them by media sources.



Let let me tell you one thing very honestly in fact all of you will also agree that quality is more important than quantity and same principle also applies on Twitter. For instance if you are promoting your business through Twitter than your main concern should how many followers or readers are aware about the kind of business you are promoting. Therefore before you start twitting get sure that your posts should not be targeted for specific segment of society but it should be relevant to every segment of society. Well this is only an informative clue for you to follow the real class is going to take place in paragraphs set forth.


1: Interesting topic with fascinating language will contribute an important role in increasing list of your followers on Twitter, because content should be such that forces the reader to read your content full without wondering about the time consumed in reading it. To focus on your content and making it more attractive you can also hyper link necessary links with relevant information. It is advised to choose the topic of latest trend for capturing the attention of reader.


2: Always keep in mind that as you are one of the users of Twitter so are the others. As you find people with use of “Who to Follow” application others may be also following the same trend. Therefore to increase authenticity regarding your content it would be better to post your snap with your Twit.


3: Face to Face talk is always a better option to clear doubts therefore it would be more germane if you talk to them and know their views this will increase the list of your followers.



4: Every new launch takes time to establish its identity and so is also true for Twitter. Thus you are also required to post your twits regularly so as to make readers know about your presence. But be careful do not exceed the limit as this may lead reader to stop following you.



5: Generally users re-twit on topics which are of their interest. Of-course if you offer some offers for your followers it will increase the list of your followers but will not succeed in maintaining their interest for long time.


6: There are certain applications on Twitter which may increase the number of your followers. For their use by readers you may ask readers to log on into your Twitter identification from where they can directly access that particular application.


7: Wherever applicable mention your twitter without any hesitation. This will play in indirect role of marketing in exploring your followers.


8: Of-course not recommended but it is advised to use symbol of (#) as it indicates that the subject is not mentioned in your Twit. # sign indicates that you are providing information available with you regarding any event.

9: You can also attract member to follow you when you are offline. Because follow up by different users according to availability of their time will facilitate them to follow you when they get online on Twitter.


10: Unlike online marketing procedure try to contact such sources who may influence others to follow you on Twitter.
By following these measure am sure within short span of time you will find a incredible jump in list of your followers on Twitter.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.