How To Design Strategy For Local SEO Campaign

Designing SEO strategy for local market is not an easy task, because for that you have to comply with stringent local algorithm standards determined by Google, which considers various determinants before placing any website at top rank on its search result’s page in local market.  Strategy of creating links in bulk for acquiring top position in SERP’s in local market has become an outdated strategy. Building of links is not  only a factor which is considered by Google for placing your website at top position of its assumed search results page (7 pack). There are various factors also which equally play an important role in positioning your website at top rank of the results displayed by search engines. Let us make an endeavor to search for those other important factor.

1.  Location of your business plays an important role in determining SEO strategy for local market and if your business is located in your native city, then it becomes easier for your website to capture top position in local search market. This generally happens due to Google algorithm which prefers to consider websites emerging in local market or within the geographical boundaries of specific regions. This practice is considered as centroid bias by on-line marketers. That means location of business in the close areas are preferred by Google while displaying it search results for searches conducted for particular area.

2.  Providing your complete contact address that is your name, address and phone numbers to all sources of information in local market is also one of an important factor which should be considered while designing your strategy for local SEO campaign. One thing which should be given important attention while mentioning your complete contact information on various local business directories is that format of your contact information should displayed with appropriate use of citations. Because a little mistake may deprive you from enjoying complete benefit of SEO. Moreover Google Algorithm is also a man made tool and little mistake may lead algorithm to consider it as another variant representing some other business. It is an important factor towards which not everyone pays attention and comes to know about it only when they do not find themselves at top position in local search market, even after paying serious attention towards their local SEO strategies.

3.  Make sure that your keywords are according to local algorithm. As a general practice perfect match of few words for instance name of city along with product or service name contribute to great extent in placing website at top rank of results page (7 pack). However there are some products/service which do not comply with pack 7. If you are involved in delivery some services than it will be easier to Google algorithm to place your services at top rank as an impact of conventional SEO strategy which is based on supportive link building.

4.  One more important factor which should be considered in this regard it to analyze competitiveness of your business. To examine it you can consider the example of first website that is displayed by search engines at top position under 7 pack. Now copy it all contact information including its name, address and phone number. Put all these variants on search field determined by search engines, by marking sign of quotation on your query. Now conduct the search and check how many results are displayed by your search engine. Follow the same exercise for website that displayed at the last position of search engines result page. Once you have finished both these exercises conduct the same for your website, by placing your name, address and contact information followed by quotation marks. You will notice that you are receiving tough competition from the website that has been displayed by Google at last position on its result page. This will make you understand that how you can get your website suitable for being noticed by Google. Because there are various factors which are considered by Google algorithm for displaying results of query made on it.

I hope you would have found this discussion beneficial in determining your strategy for local SEO campaign. If you come to know about some other factors please do share with me, I will benefit by your suggestions and comments.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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