How To Express ROI By Link Building

link buildingIs there any specific method  to express ROI on link building? Because expressing  the ROI on link building is an interesting game and you can exhibit that integration of a specific link may give you huge return on investments and even sometimes may help you in making position of your website more stronger and even contribute an interesting role in being noticed by SEO experts.

 Let us now focus on few of methods which are helpful in analyzing ROI i.e., their relevance, methods of using it and what are the tools which are helpful in measuring ROI.

1. Traffic on your website:  Traffic on your website is an important determinant to determine ROI on link building. Receiving more than 100,000 clicks on website is something incredible, and moreover if these clicks return you an extra amount than it is a beneficial deal.  But now the question arises how to identify traffic on websites. Normally SEO experts consider Google Analytics as the best tool to identify traffic on your website, however apart from this there are various other methods which are helpful in identifying traffic on your website. Anyhow before you shift towards other methods I would suggest you to make use of Google Analytics tool to track traffic on your website.

The above image tracks traffic on a website by making use of Google analytics tool. There are some users who are interested in tracking the number of visitors on your website, some are interested to track the number of visitors who visited your page whereas some are interested to identify the number of visitors who visit your website at regular interval. Normally people consider number of visitors on your website as an authentic method of identifying traffic on website. However if you consider some other determinant to track traffic on your website than it will be better to compare traffic at specific durations. Without focusing on other methods of tracking traffic on website through link building let us focus on the relevance of link building through Google analytics tool.

There are various reports which publish information regarding traffic on your website analyzed by different determinants of traffic. This information will help you in identifying the links which are grabbing traffic on your website.

However to get more information regarding traffic on your website through link building the best way will be to determine the method which will reveal you the information regarding websites which have your links. This system will help you in identifying the links which helped in grabbing traffic on your website, you can also identify the location of your visitors, recognizing the pages which were highly visited by users, and various other information.

The most important factor which should be kept in concern while determining the relevance of link building for grabbing traffic on your website is that there is not any specific method to assess the required information. However among different tools Google Analytics will help you analyzing that are you getting the same traffic on your website which you had expected by integration of specific links on your website.

2. Ranking as determinant of ROI on Link Building: Normally ranking on SERP is considered as an authentic method by various websites for determining their ROI and will let you know how much they endeavored to get top position in SERP. Although this may be the major determinant by various website or by various SEO experts but  my perception in this regard is different from others. Undoubtedly a website which acquires position in first page of results displayed by search engine will catch more traffic rather than websites placed on other pages. But the actual relevance of any website is known on the basis of information provided by it may be your website is not placed on the top pages of SERP but if has useful information for readers it will be visited more the visitors.

Let us discuss the ways of identifying the ranking of websites: If you ask this question from a layman his reply will be the same as mentioned above that is the placement on top position of the SERPs. This logic is true to some extent but still there are two methods which can used as determinants for identifying ranking of any website. These include SEOmoz and Authority Labs.

However there is not any specific tool to identify rank of your website, but if you are working on use of keywords to improve ranking of your website then obviously results displayed by SERP is simple way to identify rank of your website. Although results displayed by SERPs differ depending upon the search engine frequently used by you.

Apart from these two above methods there is one more method of monitoring ROI on link building. An interesting feature of this method is that in current scenario this method seems to be more relevant.

Use of Social Media for identifying ROI on Link Building: The use of social media for tracking ROI on link building is something very interesting. In existing time the dimension of social media has widened and getting your website recognized by social networking websites may help you in increasing ROI by link building. You can post content of your website in form of  link on these social networking websites and invite anyone interested to get linked by your website. This will help in increasing number of followers on your website.

 Now to question arises how to analyze performance of social media to identify ROI by link building. Although there are many application to monitor the relevance of social media in link building. However as mentioned above I will endorse the use of Google analytics tool to track relevance of link building on social media. There are traffic sources which will let you know that which social networking websites are transiting visitors on your website.  Nevertheless it is difficult to identify number of visitors on your site through social networking websites. The Google Analytics tool will let you know that how many visitors from specific social networking website visited your website.

From the list of various tools available to analysis performance of social media to identify ROI on link building it would be worth mentioning to mention the name of Crowbooster tool which currently is a free tool but it is rumored that soon it will be changed into paying mode. This tool is helpful in tracking the number of visitors from two established social networking websites that is facebook and twitter.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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