How To Improve Ranking Of Your Website With Help Of Cranny Keywords

Dear Friends, you will agree that now day when various new techniques are being applied for performing different work how cranking of your web pages can be left from this. In early days it was easier to get your website placed at top ranking of various Search engines result page (SERP) with help of matching keywords. This period was considered as “Golden Era” of SEO period which begin to disappear with introduction of Panda 3.3 to Panda 3.4 and finally with Google Penguin. After this the new period of SEO came into existence dynamically.

Ignoring the fact of changing scenario of SEO, still we are placed in position in which to be placed on top pages of SERP’s we need to work on suitable keywords so as to capture huge traffic for your website to explore your business. In our today’s discussion we shall be focusing on factors which may enhance us to capture top ranking on search engines through targeted keywords. This can be done in following steps:

Step 1: Search of keywords:  Before you want to acquire top position in search engines page with help of your keywords you should go through Google’s Keyword Tool which will provide you information regarding keyword search. From this you can find as many words that are related to your website. However one thing which should be kept in concern is that length of keywords should not be more than 30.

Step 2: Comparing your present page rank: Once you have made collection of compatible keywords which you think will help you in acquiring top position in SERP. The second step which you should follow is to check your present ranking with help of different tools available for checking your rank. MySEOTool is regarded as the best tool to find your present rank. This will enhance you to identify which pages of your website are acquiring top position.


Step 3: Organizing keywords:  As the third step you should organize your keywords in such a way that get close to same group. It is advised to place keywords in the same group but at different places with help of singular and plurals.

Step 4: Placing of each keyword to Specific URL: Now once you have grouped different keywords according to their group, you will be required to choose a common keyword for each group. After which you should assign specific URL of your website for each common keyword. If your existing website does not have any page relevant to that particular keyword than you need to create a new page for that specific keyword.

Step 5:  SEO for each URL: Now after assignment of specific URL for each keyword the next step is to follow basic on site SEO best practices that will help that particular URL of your website on top page of different SERP’s. It would be worth mentioning here that you can also make use of meta description tag for each URL. You should use other keywords at least for once in content of your web page. Apart from this you can also inter link pages of your website to other pages of website.

If you follow all the above mentioned steps properly you will find dramatic improvement in ranking your website. However if you are operating an E-commerce business than you should follow following steps:

  • Arrange list of your products in their specific groups and design separate page for each group;
  • If you have minimum groups than link each group to homepage of your website;
  •  Make sure that each of your products meets requirement of SEO;
  • Make sharing of your products through various social networking websites.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.