How To Make An Effective Use Of Google+

The name of Google does not require any introduction to introduce itself among cyber community, the reason is quite simple Google has emerged as one of an authentic name in world of search engines, for providing authentic search results to researchers. Although to improve the quality of its search results Google has endeavored hard to give reliable information to the researchers. But as every machine gets depreciated after specific period of time, the same is predicted about Google.

It is anticipated that in coming years Google will be replaced by its sister service which at present is commonly recognized as Google+. This fact has been disclosed in Search Engine Watch which reveals the statement given by Mr. Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, of Google in his book “The Digital Age” which he is soon going to publish. According to Mr. Schmidt, in coming future information which is supported by online profiles will be placed at top ranking instead of content, and search results without online profiles will be considered as un-authentic and unreliable.  If believed on these words of Schmidt than it will be something which will definitely change the scenario of search results. This will be more shocking and surprising for the persons who believe that with passing time Google+ will lose its shine. On the contrary the fact is that impacts of Google+ and authorship are known to every sincere business operator and therefore they cannot think to ignore the importance of Google+ for exploring their business.

The same thoughts were shared by Guy Kawasaki in his book “What the Plus” where at one point he confesses that for social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, Google + is similar as Macnintosh for windows, which is used only by specific segment of computer users.

As compared to Facebook or Twitter, Google offers more interesting features to its users. Well let me make an effort to let you understand that how you can utilize Google+ for strengthening your business.

Create your account on Google+: 

Creating Google+ account is similar to making your account on any social networking website, click on to While creating your account on Google+ remember one thing that your profile picture reveals a lot about yourself, therefore place an impressive picture on your profile. This has been also proved in a study conducted by Cyrus Shepherd regarding relevance of click through rate (CTR) on profile pictures and after deep study he was able to conclude that impressive profile pictures are helpful in improving CTR up-to 35%.

Link to your content:

An interesting feature about Google+ is that it facilitates the users to link with other profiles and websites directly from your Google+ profile and then edit it according to your requirement.

Link your Content to Google:

In this segment you have to provide information regarding your work along with your photo in search results. This could be understood by going through Google’s exercise on how to add author information in search results.

Content can be linked by Google in different ways:

  • Creating link from your webpage;
  • By using a plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast.

How to become inappropriate:

If you are not interested to display information regarding your authorship in search results then you can do it be editing it. For this move on to Setting and uncheck the option of profile discovery. After you have gone through the necessary actions for accurate performing of this command you can make use of Structured Data Testing Tool to check whether it is operating according to your requirement or not.

Here it would be important to mention that revealing information regarding authorship offers various benefits such as it is helpful in establishing you as brand, improves CTR on search results, etc.

Now the question arises that can any company get the authorship:

An answer to this question in simple words is no, however it can link its Google+ Page to its official website by making use of rel=publisher. This again can be in different ways: (1) web master linking, (2) by using plugins and (3) Direct linking.

Let us focus on advantages of rel=”publisher”.

  • Researchers using Google+ search engine get directly connected to your Google+page;
  • The Google+ page succeeds in establishing it as an official page of your brand. This is helpful in creating authenticity about your brand, content of your page and moreover it gets other social networking websites linked with your Google+ page.

Moving ahead towards author rank, it should be remembered that authorship is a primary step of establishing authorship. Author rank is an indicator which reveals information regarding quality of new content posted by you, because going through the experience of reading your previous content, readers can predict the quality of your latest content. There are various factors which are helpful in determining author rank these includes comments, citations, its sharing between readers etc. The major advantages of author rank are:

  1. Author rank is helpful in establishing your identity as an expert in your subject of interest and with every post your identity strengthens;
  2. In the early days if you wrote any piece for website, it was only helpful in establishing high rank of website on which it was posted, but authorship is a beneficial deal for both website and author.

Keep watch on functioning of your content:

Once you have logged on Google Webmaster Tools with your Google+profile, it will display you the statistical data regarding all the pages for which you have got yourself registered as an authentic writer. This will helpful in checking the pages being displayed by search engines, followed by number of clicks, CTR results and their average performance.

  • Identify with authors having authority: You should try to stay in contact with other experts in your field and try to convenience them from your thoughts and concept. This will help in exploring your authority.
  • Keep watch on your content with Ripples: Use of Ripples is helpful in identifying the sharing of your posts, this is helpful in understand the reading habits of readers and to know what sort of content attracts them more.

Once you have succeeded in making your personal authorship the next step is retain it and make it authoritative by posting qualitative content which compels readers to read and share with others. There are different ways which you enhance your authority, these ways are:

  • Getting your posts noticed by different authors,
  • Encouraging other authors to post their content on your website;
  • Establishing contacts with other authors on Google+;
  • Posting your posts on authentic websites.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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