How To Make Effective Use Of Twitter To Promote Your Business

twitter infuenceA single tweet can influence your business to great extent, it is something on which no body will trust. But it is true. I know you will not trust on my words easily but if you will go through the results revealed by a recent study you will be compelled to believe on my words. The results of study were based on the basis of 26 million tweets, 8000 single word conversations promoted on radio and television, reviews on few brands made by consumers and queries made on Google regarding some projects. Isn’t it interesting? However these results were revealed for the brands which were established brands and did not include the non branded names. Anyhow whatever have been the reasons one thing is clear that everyone whether he is consumer or an investor they are influenced by the recommendations made by others. One more thing which is revealed as an outcome of this from this study is that in current scenario twitter has emerged an authentic and strong source of promoting brands in international market.

What does the data of study reveals: 

It is understood that a single tweet from a consumer can influence your business to great extent. This can be vouched from the statistical data revealed by reports from twitter according to which there was an increase of 20% in an average time spent by visitors from 2010-11 on twitters, whereas during 2011-12 there was substantial growth of 19.7% on the average time spent by users on twitter. The same increase was noticed on the average pages visited by users between 2010-11 to 2011-12, however there was decline of 9% on the number of visit made on an average page but again this percent grew to 58.7% during 2011-12. This was really surprising.

Although whatever the reality has been behind all these facts. One thing is clear that in current scenario information can be easily transited to any corner of world without many endeavors. It also suggests that as an entrepreneur you should directly contact with potential customers and should endeavor to impress new consumers.

 There are some techniques which you should adopt to enjoy full-fledged benefits of Twitter in promoting your product.

1. Try to understand needs of the consumers:

There is an old say that first impression is the last impression. The same principle also applies on your business. Remember one thing customer is influenced by impressive words and therefore try to make use of such words which reflect to your business in attractive words. You can also tweet about your product in quotes. Keep one thing in concern that your consumers are human beings and they have emotions, therefore you should try to take service of some strong content writer who can write emotional tweets about your brand. This will help you in reaching the hearts of your consumers. And once you succeed in making your place in their hearts it will be easier for you to influence their thinking. This has also been proved by a study conducted by David Melcher who was an Associate Professor in Trento University. The study of Melcher describes that a display of an advertisement only for 1 second is helpful in triggering the memory of masses.  That means by displaying an emotional message of few seconds you can make place to huge segment of customers within few minutes or say in few seconds.

2. Get in direct interaction with your potential customers:

It is a universal truth that personal interaction is the best policy to understand some one. The same principle should be followed in business. Saying a simple thank to customers will only work for few days, if you want to retain the number of your potential customers you should adopt the practice of direct interaction with them. You can publish questionnaire to know what additional features they want in your existing products or what they feel you should improve in your product. All these practices will make them feel that you care for their feelings and their satisfaction is your prime responsibility.You adopt the following steps of interacting with your customers

  • Receive their Feedback with courtesy:  It is a human nature that nobody likes any critics about himself.  Taking the response of customers as the final result has become a history now days, it is not necessary that your customers are always right. Though whatever their reaction is you accept it with full courtesy with an assurance that you will try to meet their expectations. This will let your customers feel that their feedback means lot to you.
  • Make something meaningful: For engaging more customers to your product it is necessary that you should promote in an effective method. Being courteous is not going to work all time, you should be aggressive in promoting your products.
  • Promote your content through instant sources: Understanding the needs of customers and to know the technologies which they are using for knowing about any product is not an easy task. Therefore you should try to go through the statistical data published by various regarding number of visitors visiting their page every day. This will help you to promote your product on that source.

3.Risk factors:

Keeping watch on risk factors is an essential step which should be kept in concern before starting any business. It would be worth mentioning to mention an example of McDonald that adopted the strategy of promoting its campaign on Livelihood of American Farmers along with its ongoing campaign Meet the Farmers. McDonald was aware regarding the risk arising from its unclear hastag# McDstories.  This helped the users of twitter to understand the correct use of hastag. And if someone did not noticed the integration of hastag he was out from the original campaign.

Epilogue:  There is an old saying that a person who changes his strategy according to time wins the battle. The same principle is followed in business. In today’s world with technical developments taking place at jet speed one has to be more cautious, able to take decision instantly, keep watch on your contenders, ability of creative thinking, understanding needs of consumers are key factors which will help you in establishing your brand and finally follow the common principle of twitter that tweet others in the same way in which you want to get tweeted by them. The world will be yours!!!!

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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