How To Make Huge Profits From Branded And Non-Branded Traffic

There is a common belief existing in business world from years, that taste of consumers changes frequently and therefore producers are always trying to manufacture goods keeping in concern the desires of their potential consumers. Once again this belief is strengthened by recent studies which reveal that instead of conducting search regarding availability of any product in market on commonly used search engines like Google or Yahoo, consumers now prefer to conduct research regarding any product on search engines  like Amazon which are mainly determined for shopping searches. According to different studies percent of conducting search on Amazon has raised to more than 73% during last year. Whereas on other side decline has been noticed on use of Google for conducting shopping based search. This shift of consumers has created lines of tension on face companies that are fighting to uphold image of their products in front of consumers.

Expressing his views on this current scenario Mr. Adam Audette, President RKG and also an expert of SEO said that branded products should be grabbing attention of non regular visitors on their sites. He also concluded that percent of this traffic may be different depending upon the popularity of product, but the factor which is to be paid attention at this point is that if a branded products do not succeed in grabbing attention of non regular visitors then it means that they are  not able to make their presence among regular customers.

This is becoming difficult for marketers to make difference between regular users and non regular users of their products, and grabbing them on their website. As the result of  which they are losing huge segment of customers who could increase traffic on their website.

Normally regular users of products result in huge return on investment then compared to non regular users because regular users visit their website regularly and are keen to purchase their products.

At first instance huge profits from regular customers of branded products seems to be convincing for increasing traffic on website.  But this approach works only in situation where you have fix segment of customers who are regular buyers of your product. However it also depicts that by this practice you are missing those expected customers who would have used your product, resulting in an increase in traffic on your website.

 Going through all these differences between regular and non regular users of product on website producers of branded product are estimating the ratio of 60:40, between them.  However to increase size of their market there are few steps which should be followed by manufacturers of branded products to decrease the ratio of 60:40 to some extent and increase traffic on their website.

  • Keeping watch on every activity of contenders is common principle of every business, and the same principle follow when you are having website of your products. You should keep watch on keywords they are using for top listing of their products in SERPs. This can be done with help of different tools that are designed to help in understanding the nature of your customers, i.e., which factors influence their search ;
  • You should also try to conduct search on your own website by making use of those terms which may help search engines in locating your product;
  • Try to create intensive links of each page by making use of common terms which are helpful in referring traffic on your website. For instance if you are a manufacture of wooden furniture, then normally a researcher will click for “manufacturers of wooden furniture”, this will link him to your website. Here you should also make a link for different types of wooden furniture being manufactured by you, for instance wooden sofa set, wooden table, wooden dressing set etc.  This will let researchers know about the availability of these products at your website.

These are few just tips which may help in increasing traffic on your website. The main issue of concern is to properly execute these tips so that your name is mentioned in almost every research made on search engines.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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