How To Protect Website From The Effects Of Panda, EMD And Disavow Updates

You will agree with me that whenever there is any update related with search algorithm, Google endeavors to implement those updates in effective way so as to ensure neat and clean SEO practice. The main reason for this is to provide more authentic and accurate results to the researchers. Following same trend the EMD update which was introduced at the same time when Panda updated was introduced, is reported to minimize and control the chances of delivering poor quality results in its search page. Disavow was more achievement in this series which controlled the erstwhile way of link building. This enabled the owners of site to remove links which they feel were weak links and affected the rank of their website.

In the earlier days for acquiring top position among the first top 10 rank in list of websites, the owners have to get a domain registered on their name and develop their personal official website.  After which depending upon the matching keywords they endeavored to acquire top position in results of different search engines result page. It was helpful for websites which were mainly designed with an objective of ruling over the contenders operating same kind of business and reaching to their potential customers. These domains are designed according to search items used in keywords.  There are known as exact match domains (EMDs). The recent updated EMD will keep watch on such websites and will provide more relevant results to the researchers.

There are various websites who have huge fleet of keywords, un-required links followed by various promotions of different brands.  All these things have nothing to do with search made by the users.  The new updated EMD will look after on all these subjects and will include only those websites in SERP which get through white SEO practices.

Understanding the EMD update:



In the words of principle engineer of Google, Mr. Matt Cutts, this new update will minimize the chances of low quality content, control the exact matching of domains in SERPs. The new update not only eradicates the similar websites, it also keeps strict watch on these websites so that websites with qualitative content are provided to searchers. This new update will also check the websites which were not noticed by the then existing algorithm. The update is mounted with strong filtration process which now will take control on weak SEO tactics and optimizing black hat SEO practices.

This is helpful in making process of search more realistic and this has become worrisome matter for websites who had high ranks in SERPs. Reports reveal that with implementation of new update more than 1000 websites have reported decline in their ranking whereas the new websites have noted huge fall in their rank. An interesting feature of this update is that it is not based on any specific process. This has resulted in huge drop out in the ranking of various prestigious websites. But it does not mean that all websites having same domains have to think for their ranking. Google has not taken same domain websites in concern who have qualitative content and do not use black hat SEO practices.

How to protect from affects of latest update:



An answer to this question in simple words is to design your website according to standard determined by Google for ranking websites. For determining rank of website Google considers real and authentic websites developed with qualitative content and leave realistic impression on visitors. Realistic and authenticity are the key factors for every website to acquire top position in the SERPs. Now the questions arises what is meaning of naturality? According to Google sources an authentic website should have distinctive content. It should have fleet of significant and non-significant back links.

Although determining ranks for different websites is a long process but without any second thought it is the best way and simple method to prove authenticity of particular website. Given below are specific features which should be taken into concern when you optimize website in current situation when there are various updates available from Google including Panda, EMD and Disavow links.

  • It inbound and outbound links of your website are of poor quality, then there are changes that ranking your website will decline. It is therefore necessary the outbound links of your website should be related with content of website. These outbound links should direct the readers to authentic sites providing the required information on specific subject. The strong outbound links are helpful in providing realistic information to the readers and also in improving ranking your website.


  • Integration of un-required links and filling of useless keywords can make your website liable for penalty. It is therefore necessary that content of your website should be high quality and informative. Useless integration of keywords for acquiring top rank may result in diminishing rank of your website. Apart from this content of your website should have undergone necessary proof reading.


  • The appropriate keyword density in any content is 2%. Try to avoid over optimization of alt and meta tags. Make appropriate use of keyword that properly adjusts in body of your content. Try to decorate your home page with supportive images and videos. Google also prefers those websites which deliver impressive results to the users.
  • Try to work on improving quality of inter links, because white SEO practice encourages qualitative inter linking process.
  • Try to promote your website through various channels so as to let all segments of people knew about your website. Reaching masses is helpful in increasing traffic on your website.






In current scenario guest posting has emerged as an instant process of building links and is regarded as an easiest way to grab huge number of audiences. Now days every website some-how encourages back links for guest posts supported by qualitative content. Apart from this guest posting is also helpful in creating healthy image of your website.

Articles authorized from web 2.0 sites can be regarded as an instant way of acquiring qualitative back links. It is therefore necessary to opt for such websites for integrating huge fleet of qualitative back links. However this process should not be always used for receiving articles from guests, because linking should be realistic. Although whatever process you adopt for link building it is to be noted that you index link after a sufficient gap so as to make link building procedure a realistic process.

The process of checking for qualitative content was initiated by Google through Panda which continued with introduction of Penguin. However Panda checks for weak content followed in-appropriate use of keywords, whereas EMD keeps watch on matching domains. On the other side Disavow helps in eliminating weak links from your websites. With introduction of all these techniques SEO is really getting more difficult. It is expected to see more new updates from Google in coming future.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.