How to Run A Blog Network Safely

Where Almost all the blog Networks are getting haunted by Google, I have built a strong check list for my blog Network to hide it from this Internet Giant.

I dont say they wont be able to caught in your life time, But I am pretty sure they have to bite a lots of bullets if they want to do so. Lets jump into it.

Whois protection:

The first and foremost thing, You need to put those extra $$$ to hide your self from Whois searches. Godaddy costs additional $8 per year for whois protection.


I will give you two options here. Either you have to choose SEO hosts  (these are different hosts, they actually understand what you are going to do with so many domains) or you have to take as many hosts as possible.

I went for the first thing. I had to do some ground work for it. I searched 4-5  SEO hosting companies , talked to their support team , compared their pricing and finally put my finger on one of them. I would skip taking its name here, Dont know if Mutt Cutts stumbles upon this post :(

Dedicated IPs:

You need to choose this costly option if you want to stay away from Google’s eyes. It will cost you extra bucks but at the same time, This will make your network premium and It will become far most difficult to know your foot steps.

Different Name Servers:

This is quite minute thing and most of Internet Marketer forgot it.  Even if you go for SEO hosting companies you need to tell them, you would be needing different name servers for each of IP/Web site. They will do it quite easily. On the other hand if you are choosing different hosts (its impossible to have 100 odd hosts for a network for 100 blogs) , you would be hosting at least 3-4 domains on the same hosts, So you would have to contact them and tell them you want different name servers for each of your domain.


Never ever Inter Link your network. If you need some back links, Go and make your self. Hire some body to do that but if you think to inter link your network, you are putting the wrong foot man!

Social Platform:

You can choose some of your blogs . You can make some Facebook pages and Twitter profiles related to those blogs. And put them on your web site/blogs. It would make them look natural. Normally none of Internet Marketer would do this. But this can certainly make you stand our of the pool.

Different Platforms/Themes:

You need to have at least 4 different platforms for your blogs. I went for WordPress, blogger, Drupal and Joomla. Once I scattered them on different platforms, the next thing , I gave them entirely different themes.  You need to follow the suit :)

Unique Content:

Once you start posting on those blogs/websites, you need to make sure you are putting 100% copy scape passed unique and informative content. It will certainly increase your cost and in turn your client’s cost but this is a “must” step according to me.

If you follow the above things carefully, I am sure It will be more like a natural link building pattern and It would be  difficult to beat!

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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