Increasing Market Of Social Media

Hello friends, you will agree that last two decades have witnessed dynamic shift towards use of Internet that even for single work people rely on use of Internet. This craze of users towards Internet has encouraged business operators to use Internet as an effective source of promoting their product, this has increased in emergence of various companies offering sale of their products through Internet.  According to an estimate e-market is expected to witness an increase of 19.2% over 2011. The main reason behind this vigorous increase in e-market is due to India and South America originating as fast markets for e-business.

The potential users of e-business websites are mainly located in developing countries. The recent research conducted by International Telecommunications Union reveals that there is huge difference between broadband charges applicable in developed and developing nations. According to an estimate almost about 26% of the total population in developed countries is enriched with fast broadband connection.

In densely populated countries for instance Brazil, India and China broadband charges are not only expensive but are not constant. Due to which most of the users use their mobile handset as modem for Internet connection. There is huge segment of customers who do not acquire intact internet connection of visiting social media website, they just have to click few buttons of their mobile and access these websites.

It is interested to learn that this trend is not only followed in developing countries but is also applicable in developed countries like United States of America.  These facts are revealed in reports published by various sources including ComScore and Wave 6 depicting the same facts that most of Internet users depend on their PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices. Although personal computers and laptops are used for accessing for web browsing but mobile is an instant device for visiting these social media websites. On the basis of these reports there should not be any surprise if we find an increase in number of mobile users.

Universal McCann’s Wave has been conducting a survey from last six years in 62 countries and on the basis of replies received from 41, 738 people surveyed it has come to conclusion that there has been significant growth in use of social media website. The survey report also depicts that current internet users are not involved in creating any new profiles.

The potential users of these websites are users between the age group of 16-24 years who are spending their most of times on social media websites by watching promotions on television, listening radio or reading magazines.


Regional differences:

Undoubtedly Facebook is considered as one of highly appraised social networking website throughout the world. However in China Facebook is banned, this depicts that Facebook does not have dominance on world market. It would be worth mentioning here that unlike Facebook, other websites like Twitter, Wave6 also notice region wise differences between users of these websites.

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