Infographics In SEO- Nuts And Bolts

Infographics“Info-graphic” is the new Buzzing word in the world of SEO. I was trying to get my head around this from couple of weeks. Finally I set for one hour, searched the Big G , read at some forums , compiled things and came here to list them down.  Lets dive in.


As the word it self says, Its the “info” given in “Graphics“.  A lots of research and ground work is required to make an info graphic. You need to be very sure about the data you are going to present.  Correct and useful information simply means, Your info graphic gets the credibility.

Creating An Info Graphic:

if you have all the data about your business, You can easily create ( or get it created for you) info graphics though your web designer. If you dont have any web designer, you need not to break your back in creating stunning info graphics. There are some good sites, where you can make stunning info graphics at reasonable prices. These sites have in built template which are easy to change.   I used “”

to make my first info graphic. It came out good as compared to what I had thought.

Submitting An Info Graphic:

The world of SEO is strange but its quite straight. If you are doing good things, you must have a source to get the credit ( credit means back link) for the good job. You research , you compile the data and finally come out with a stunning info graphic , you put the info graphic on your blog …..Whats next?

You need to submit them to right places where people can find them. So Here I list some of the sites , where you can go and submit your info graphic to grab a back link.

Closing Notes:

I created one Info graphics, submitted to all free sites ( some sites in the above list , are paid , I forgot to tell) , It been four days, I am yet to receive a confirmed back link ( I did not count the reddit, Its more like a social bookmark) from them. I hope I get some powerful link. I will update the post once I get them!

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