Integrating Platform For Social Network Plug-ins In Your Blog

Dear readers before preceding my blog for today let me throw a question to you. Tell me are you aware of the term “authority” in blog writing? If your answer is “NO” then let me explain in simple words. In blog writing authority refers to your grasp on particular subject for which you are expressing your thoughts and concepts. Apart from this it is also necessary that the knowledge which you are exploring through your blog should grab audiences. This indirectly helps in enhancing number of your audiences because it is universal truth that if somebody likes your article or your product he shares his experience with others and in this way chain of your readers explores.

In recent times social networking has emerged as an instant source of reaching masses. Therefore to enhance number of your readers, the best option is to integrate platform for social networking websites in your blog or create your own council for your blog. Here I would like to mention that creation of some emulation like Facebook is not enough to explore your circle even council of your targeted audiences can help you in enhancing number of your readers. Therefore let us know focus on process of generating platform for social network in your blog by using free plug-ins for instance BuddyPress.

Relevance of positioning Social network: 


Creating your own council or team in social network is quite easier, but now the question arises what is the need of integrating social networking on your blog. It depends on your objectives and responsibilities under which you are creating your blog, because even social networking has its own limitations. Let us discuss those limitations first before reverting back to our subject of creating place for social network in blogs.


Remember that you are not the master of your content:


There is confusion behind this concept because it is not only controlled by your own council or your social network, there are some other factors also which control the content of your blog. Therefore you are writing blog with some objective for long term that I would suggest you to create your own hosted network. This will help you in maintaining control on your network and you can customize according to your requirements;

Limited scope for sharing:


Social network websites do not allow you to attach files with your blog. The other issue is that your blog may disappear in rush of other blogs because it does not facilitate appropriate method of arranging contents;

Niche network is helpful in reaching masses:


It is an undisputed truth that every content reveals some message and social network plays an important role in exploring it rather than the targeted audiences. The reason behind this is that as most of the users are online all time they can share your article with other users, which help in reaching more audiences;

Financing is not possible:


Integration of social network platform can be considered as a god gift for your blog when it is written for targeted audiences as they are known to you and share same thoughts with you.

Is it necessary to develop niche social network:


Before you plan to integrate social network platform in your blog you should decide that will it be relevant for your blog. In the beginning it may sound  viable but then sustaining it in future may be difficult for you. Therefore before you develop niche network you should understand its relevance. This will benefit your forum by granting them more space as member can work in group.  They can share their views with each other. This will facilitate your blog to explore within more audiences and also help in cross examining comments from others and help you in promoting your products and website for getting feedback from forum;

Niche social network is successful with good traffic:


You should know that nobody is interested in talking himself in lonely room. The same is true with creating platform for social network. Therefore before creating niche social network you should develop your strong traffic. However it does not refer that you website should have adequate traffic. Even if you healthy group of friends, circles, email contacts etc you can launch your network. However it is important to maintain network at regular basis. You should keep watch on your content with an objective of searching spam and confirm that it is beneficial to your blog. Apart from this you should keep updating the software for creating niche network. If you do not follow necessary precautions there are chances of your network may result zero.

Now the question arises which is best Forum or platform for social network:


World is changing and with this way of performing every task is changing and communication is not an exception to it. There are various options for creating online community as an impact of increasing use of Internet. You can offer threaded discussion platform to your forum where they can write their views in single line or you can create niche social network facilitating them to work together and share their views between each other. The major differences between traditional forum and social networking platform:

  •   The traditional forum let’s you to provide facility of discussing comments in threaded view, but it does not allow members to work collaboratively and discuss the subject;


  •  Under forums people can discuss their comments in text form which sometimes mainly becomes difficult because there are certain points which can be understood through exchange of supportive files, which forum does not allow. But social network enhances you to share all types of files including multimedia files;


  •  Forums support private messaging between online communities.

The basic difference is that forums support content based discussion where as under social network members can also share personal interests with each other. It is therefore necessary that before deciding between creation of forum or niche social network you understand your targeted community.

Generating social network platform on blog for WordPress:


There are various ways of creating your particular community without making any payment. In this regard it would be worth mentioning to take name of WordPress which is an open source community. The best option provided by WordPress to its bloggers for integrating niche social network includes:

Buddy Press:


The best feature of BuddyPress is that it totally free. Before moving for it you should check that not every WordPress version supports BuddbyPress option. It is therefore necessary to install BuddyPress supporting version of WordPress. I feel  happy to let my readers know that BuddyPress 1.7 will launch BuddyPress that will be compatible with any of WordPress versions. For installation of media features you can install BuddyPress Media plugin, facilitating users to download photos, videos and audios;

BB Press:


BB Press plug-in is considered as best option for creating forum for discussion. It does not carry the features like activity streams, extended profiles, friend connections, private messaging and groups.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.