Know About Content Curation: What, Why And How!

CONTENT MARKETINGHey content marketers out there! Have you heard about Content Curation?

Well it’s an online expression of collecting and cataloguing only interesting things about a particular subject to share it for the common benefit.

Content curation is the demand of this internet era as it makes an entirely new fresh content which is more a dialogue based rather than a marketing message. It will bring more utility to the social web. It will help you to add your own point of view which makes your organizations to connect with your customers in a better way.

Basically there are five types of content curation which can be classified as under :

  • Aggregation: This is the most common way of content curation. Under this the most relevant content about a topic is curated in a single location.
  • Chronology: It can be defined as the historiographical content curation. It consists a presentation of timeline of curated information.
  • Elevation: When your content is from more general trend or from daily thoughts.
  • Distillation: Its purpose is to convert the overall noise about a topic to its most important and relevant concept.
  • Mashups: This is used to merge different content about a topic creating a fresh and original topic.


Now the question is how and where you can do content curation?

Here I am elaborating few important sites which I have selected on some basis like :

• Quality of the product
• Quality of curators in using and publishing curated content
• Various opportunities like RSS, API or widgets provided by the site.

So here the sites, check them out :

  • Storify:It perfectly fulfils that chronology approach of content curation. Through this it has become possible to present the best content about the same topic from different sources. It offers your own vision about the event while commenting on it that makes it widely known specially among journalists, tweeps and bloggers who prefers current news. You can build your story from various sources like – twitter, Facebook, YouTube, flicker, storify itself, instagram, tumblr, disqus or even soundcloud and you can also grab the content from Stock Twists, get glue or breaking news. So, if you haven’t tried this tool yet then I really suggest you to try it.
  •  Bundlr: it’s a ‘clipper site’ but it’s not like pinterest. As it is not limited to just images and videos. Through this you can clip and save in your bundles which are relevant about an argument. Like text clips, images, videos or code snippets. It let you share your content on various social networking sites. This tool is especially interesting for social content curation. It also focuses on privacy feature as if you want to curate a topic for internal use only then it can be secured as private. Through blundr you can embed your topic which will get updates as consistently you continue to clip new relevant images or quotes about your selected topic.CONTENT CURATION
  • – It is one of the best content curators right now as it offers several ways to share your content on various social media sites and then you can embed the content to curate in your ‘scoop. its magazine’ which is meant to be used as an external property. Its final product is a magazine where you can publish your content suggested by scoop. It’s suggestion engine. The quality of the curators is quite high through Just like every content curation program, also provides various opportunities to publish your curated content on your site via RSS feed or via widgets. If you are using Tumblr or wordpress then you can connect it with your topic page and then republish a curated content there.
  • Pearltrees: It is not different from any other social bookmarking site. Its unique feature is its socially cooperative and visual nature. It makes you to organize your interest in “pearls” which are topics and pearltrees are the folders where you can add the pages you have complied in branch. As soon as you create topics “pearls” the system will start showing you related pearls which can be added in your selected branch.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.