Matt Cutts: Breaking The Silent On Unnatural Links And Why Google Is Not Turning Of Its Pagerank Toolbar

In current scenario two questions have grabbed the attention of whole SEO society throughout the world. The first question is related with recognition of unnatural links and the second question is why Google is not turning off its feature of pagerank toolbar. Going through the concern of SEO experts on both these questions finally Google has broken its silence by launching two videos related to its Webmaster help series.

Introduction of Penguin Algorithm was made by Google in April 2012 to identify unnatural links on any website. After which Google started sending information regarding these links to SEO experts, thus making it clear that in order to follow the guidelines determined by Google’s webmaster they will have to delete the unnatural links from the websites. But the question of identifying the unnatural remained unsolved in front of SEO experts.

Identifying this trouble of SEO experts Google released a video which is being addressed by Google’s eminent expert Matt Cutts announcing that soon Google will displaying the illustration of such links which are considered as unnatural links by Google.

In his address Mr. Cutts said that Google is working intensively on collecting information regarding such links which are unnatural. To identify such links Google is working on a program under which whenever any link which is considered as unnatural link by webmaster analyst it will be saved by the program and transferred to experts, to give them an idea regarding such links. Broadening the idea regarding such links Cutts said normally following types of links are considered as untrustworthy links:

  • Rich anchor text links;
  • Excessive widget links;
  • Paid links and
  • Article directories.

Although there are various options of recognizing unnatural links, Google’s initiative of sending illustration regarding unnatural links to SEO experts will clear the idea regarding recognition of unnatural links from websites.

Appreciating the efforts of Webmaster analyst tool, Cutts said that  reviewing and identifying inbound links is an indication that their employees are working with full dedication in reviewing and recognizing inbound links.

In the second video released by Cutts regarding the question of why Google is not turning off its feature of pagerank toolbar. Cutts replies that the use of Page Rank Toolbar has been used by various other users also apart from SEO experts. This tool acts as bridge for them in recognizing the reliability of website they are accessing. And going through the use of this tool by masses Cutts said that taking care of such users Google will continue this toolbar. This indirectly depicts that there is huge segment of internet users who still believe on ranking of page to assess the reliability of any website, which means logic of page rank will continue for years to come and will be a major determinant for SEO experts.

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