Mistakes To Avoid In Your Press Release

1. Deadening headline: How can you expect a good response on a boring headline? You have to make sure that you are presenting your website and blog with a unique idea. There are plenty of blogs and websites which are presenting nothing special with their stuff. People really don’t care about your blog or website if it fails in grabbing the attention. So try to produce something exclusive. A headline is the root of the whole story therefore make sure that you avoid sales speaks in the headline.

2. Avoid the hype: First thing you have to care about is don’t try to sell! Your PR should not be presented as the “sales speak”. Make sure that you are presenting the facts in your PR instead of making unnecessarily publicity with full of “sales speak”.

3. Avoid cramming with keywords: the whole idea to make blog or site is to get the rich back links. It’s quite necessary to optimize your PR which can help in search engine rankings as we cannot ignore the importance of SEO, but the essence of the whole PR should not be ignored in getting the keywords for those high rankings in the search engine. So avoid stuffing it with keywords.

4. To the point: Your PR lead should effectively summarize your story. You should not include that stuff which is not relevant. It should be illuminative for the readers; as it must answer the questions like how; when; why; what; who etc then followed by more minor details. It is the feature of appropriate PRs that the known things are written in the “inverted pyramid” format.  The general guidelines for PR are 300-800 words; so you should not make it beyond that to make it emphatic.


5. Compact headline: you should avoid messy headline as you will loose your reader before getting him to read about the story. A great headline can grab the attention of the reader. Of course you should include the keyword in the title but you have to make the headline coherent and unambiguous.

6. Focus on quality rather than quantity: The PRs are written for two main reasons first one is branding for your product or service and second one is to increase the number of back links to your site. You should focus on producing the quality PR rather than focusing on increasing the number of keywords to get the back links. If your stuff is of good quality then automatically there are more chances to get the good quality back links.

7.Proof reading: Issuing a PR with full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can be the biggest blunder. Most of the people hate proof reading once they are done with the finished product. if you want to make your PR  flawless and newsworthy then its good to invest some time in proof reading to correct the mistakes before your reader find them while reading.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.