News Feed Section Re-Designed By Facebook

Name of Facebook does not require any introduction to introduce itself in world of social networking websites and therefore to retain its dominance in cyber world Facebook has been introducing new features at regular intervals keeping in concern the needs of its registered users. The major segment of registered members on Facebook is youth, which is always interested in making new experiments and this has inspired Facebook for introducing new features on its website. Recently on March 7, 2013 Facebook had introduced an interesting change in its News Feed section. However the success regarding the launch of new feature will be revealed in coming days when every user will find this feature updated automatically on their profile page. Although it has been expected that the new update will also receive critics from users as they had criticized every new update introduced by facebook in past also and threatening to close their facebook accounts.  On the contrary it is also true that all these were only threats and except of criticizing the changes they have continued their relation with Facebook. Any ways one thing which could honestly make the users of Facebook more curious is that it is speculated that Facebook will be introducing more changes in coming days at dynamic speed.


One thing which could go in favor of Facebook regarding this new updated feature is that before bringing this new update in actual practice Facebook had examined this update on few of its users in New Zealand. As an impact of new update, information regarding status updates and shared content will be displayed on the right hand side of the profile page. The other change will be introduced in About section and now it will be displayed on the left side, apart from this a new button for page liked will be displayed below the status updates, facilitating the users to directly move on the Facebook pages of companies and services promoting their products on their profile page.


Before the introduction of new update on March 7, 2013, the last update by Facebook was introduction of Graph Search with integration of Bing, enabling the users to search for new friends among the different sections of members including, People, Places, Photos and Interests. According to sources of Facebook, the new update can also be used for dating and by companies looking for new appointments in their office, and therefore Facebook has recommended the users to remove their unwanted photos from their profile before the new feature is updated on their page.

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