Now Its Time To Accept “Facebook Timeline” For Your Business Or Brand Page!

FB TIMELINEChange is what you have to adopt when it comes to your Facebook. Whether you like it or not, you have to obtain the changes of Facebook. This time “Timeline” is the newest change from Facebook. Every business page and profile on Facebook will be converting in to the timeline look soon. Brand and business pages will convert on March 30, 2012 while personal profiles will switch over on April 1, 2012. So all the business or brand pages that have not been transformed to Facebook timeline will inevitably transform. So if you have been avoiding this switch now this time you have to acquire this change.


So, Today we will discuss  what you can actually expect to see when your Facebook brand  page is converted over to timeline :


The timeline: This one is the main attribute where your status updates, likes and all other activities like shares, comments will be displayed in a visual accumulation on the timeline. It will extend and show all the activities from the first day when page was established. You can add your business’s milestones to extend the timeline. Admins can highlight posts by starring or pinning the specific posts.


Cover Photo: It’s a large rectangular shaped banner image which will be showcased at the top of your timeline profile. Through this feature you can customize your page like never before. You can utilize this feature for demonstrating your product or brand’s logo. It will help your visitors to understand what actually you want to sell and make them to scroll down your time line to see more. There is another thing is that you can’t change the privacy setting for your cover photo as it will be shown as “public” and there is no chance of hiding it. There are also few conditions for the cover photo as they must be at least 399 pixels wide and you can not include contact information, price or purchase information and calls to action in your cover photo. Covers also cannot be ambiguous, misleading or offensive on other copyrights. Still you can use this space as advancement for your business page.


TIMELINE FACEBOOKProfile Picture: While the cover photo displayed across the top so the profile photo is a block on the left side. Its shape has been changed into square. The approvable size range for profile picture is 180×180 to 32×32 pixels. That’s quite smaller that the previously size which was 4 mb. The profile photo and cover photo both have arranged in such a way that both can be coordinated with each other.


Public Page Insights: Previously, users were only able to get a sight on how many likes you got and how many are talking about your page but now here is a feature of “likes” on the navigation bar and visitors can see fan’s geographic areas, the most popular age groups and what week was the most famous for activity. One great advantage for brand page is that you can visit the page of your competitors and you can peep into their analytic insights. You can pick up the information to make the most of your own social media marketing plan.


faceebook timelinePrivate message between brands and users: It’s a fresh feature added. Now finally brands will be able to receive and send private messages to its fans or potential customers. This will be quite helpful in increasing the interaction with customers because customers can also send their inquiries directly to the inbox.


Applications and Navigation: These two features are below from cover photo and profile picture. On the left side directly below the profile picture; is the section that contains contact, location and other information and to the right of this section one can choose other data to display like photos, events or custom applications. Photos can not be removed once uploaded. In the area where applications can be displayed you can include weekly ad, geo location or charitable apps.


So if you have been avoiding this timeline’s new feature then now the time has come when you have to accept it because this change is evitable.





Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.