Pheed: All Social Media Features Merged At One Place

There is a common belief among the people that if you want to launch anything new in market then either you should adopt a regular promotion policy or second is to create something controversial regarding that product. This indirectly grabs attention of people in market and they get curious to know about the reality hidden behind the facts related with that product or application. The same is true with Pheed, which is a new application in world of social networking. With its inception in world of social networking Pheed created a controversy and people started considering it asĀ  a social networking website which ensures the users to serve qualitative content after paying fix amount of fees. It was also rumored that Pheed is designed for celebrities where they can post their content by paying fix amount of charges. Whereas on the other side sources of Pheed said that it is open for everyone and it is not designed for celebrities for publishing their posts. Therefore instead of believing on various rumors, I feel it would better to trust on the words of O.D. Kobo, C.E.O of Pheed which he had disclosed in his recent published interview.

On the basis of his interview what I feel about Pheed is that unlike other social networking websites, say for instance Twitter, Pheed facilitates the registered members to publish their thoughts, videos or links followed by other media files. According to Mr. Kobo, moving ahead of these features Pheed provides the facility of streaming audio files despite of their versions. In words of Mr. Kobo, Pheed socializes with any type of social type of media files and provide them huge space without any restrictions. On the other side Tumblr restricts the users to upload audio file only once in a day and restricts space up-to 10 MB. In the series of enhancing its features, during the last week of December 2012, Pheed introduced its mobile application on iOS followed by Android version.

Other factor which distinguishes Pheed from other social networking websites is that it facilitates its members to make money from their posts if they wish to earn extra earning. Thus breaking the myth that Pheed is designed for celebrities to post their content by making payment of necessary charges. According to Mr. Kobo, the main reason for providing facility of making money by posting content on Pheed is to encourage content writers who are not paid any remuneration for posting content on Internet. The main benefit of this feature is that at one side writers are paid suitable remuneration for their work on the other side readers also enjoy interesting and qualitative feeds or Pheeds.

To experience the feature offered by Pheed I would urge you to go through it and notice these features. You will notice that images posted are bigger similar to photos that are posted on Tumblr, interesting posts similar to those posted on Twitter etc. Users have option of posting their comment directly at the beneath of posts, can search for any content by making use of hashtags, they can even customize Pheed profile followed by their liked photos and their slogans. Moreover Pheed does not gain single money from the posts published by members.

Commenting on the performance of Pheed, Mr. Kobo said that within the period of month after launch, progress is really encouraging indeed and group is inspired from the courageous response it is receiving from the users throughout the world.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.