Pre-Requisite Steps Before Submission Of Guest Blog Post

In current scenario guest blog posting has emerged as a beneficial deal of fruit in both hands for webmasters because at one side they are able to acquire sufficient number of backlinks for the blog (s) posted by them, on the other side they gain an opportunity to explore their content to masses besides their regular readers. Moreover instead of acquiring readers from external sources, guest posting facilitates the blog writers to retain healthy relations with other blog writers sharing the common interests.

One thing is of prime importance to mention that for acquiring all the above benefits it is necessary to look after quality and authenticity of your blog. If you pay proper attention on both these aspects than nobody can stop you from enjoying huge benefits from guest posting.  If you are new to guest posting than I feel following points may be of great help to you for establishing yourself as an established name in world of guest blog writers.

1. Keep record of your blogs:

If you are engaged with only few websites for posting guest blog on their page, then you do not require any specific management system to look after your blogs and their subject. But if you are posting guest blogs for different websites then it is necessary to maintain the complete record of your blog (s) posted on each website. The simplest way to do this is to create a Ms-excel file and make a data set containing all details of your blog say for instance URL of websites on which you submit your blog, date on which you submitted your blog, title of your blog and its date of posting. By doing this you will be able to know the subjects on which you have already posted blog and will also let you to design the strategy of sharing and promoting those blogs.

2. Write according to guidelines:

Before posting blog on any of the website it is necessary to go through the policy determined by each website for guest blog writers. Every website has specific set of terms and policies for guest blog writers. There are some websites which are interested to have some brief idea of your blog in written before posting on their website, whereas there are some who are interested to go through the final draft of your blog. Similarly every website has its own format of accepting blogs from guest blogs writers, some websites facilitate guest blog writers to submit their blogs directly on the page determined for guest blog writers on their website. Whereas there are some who accept blogs from guest blog writers through emails.

Apart from these guidelines there are some additional guidelines determined by every website, which are necessary to be followed by every guest blog writer. If you do not pay attention on all standards determined by every website, you may be deprived from getting your blog posted on their platform, even if you have written an interesting blog on some hot topic.

3. Try to give your best:

No doubt that you are writing guest blogs for various websites, your effort should be writing a qualitative blog for each of them. Because quality of your blog is helpful in determining the success or failure of your blog. Apart from integrating regular points in your blog you should try to give it an additional output by giving your perception on that particular subject, this will leave an impression of being an expert on that subject to your audiences. Your effort should be on integrating something new on that subject about which nothing has been written by others in past. If you are asking your readers to do something after reading your blog, than you should suggest them necessary measures which they should adopt before doing it.

4. Monitoring:

Once your blog is posted on website, it is time to evaluate and monitor its performance. Did it succeeded in grabbing sufficient traffic according to your expectations? How much links it was able to capture? Was your blog able to over take your contenders? These are few questions whose answers you should try to find after publication of your blog.

5. Stay connected with your readers:

Publication of your blog on some renowned website is not enough to gain popularity. The next step is to maintain contact with your audiences and participate on different discussions arising on various issues related with your blog. Once your blog is posted, you should keep watch on comments posted by different audiences. Suppose if any of your readers do not agree with any of your statement, you should try to answer his query and if you agree with his statement accept your mistake with full courtesy and acknowledge them for driving your attention on that particular point.

6. Develop the habit of reading:

Apart from submitting your own blog (s) on different websites, you should develop the habit of reading what others are saying in their blog that are posted on these websites. By posting your comments on these blogs will be helpful in developing your image in front of webmasters that you are regular readers of blog (s) posted by them. And when you will approach them with request of posting your blog (s) as guest blog writer on their website, they will happily reply to your all queries regarding posting of guest blog (s). Moreover by reading blogs regularly on different websites will indirectly let you understand the taste of readers and get you acquainted with necessary formalities to be followed while submitting blog on any of these websites.

If you pay attention on few of these points then I am sure you will succeed in strengthening your relations with websites offering blog from guest writers. Moreover unfortunately if you do not succeed in your endeavors than you should try to revise your strategy to detect where you made an error.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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