Principles Of Writing Fascinating Title For SEO

Dear blog writers you will agree with me that unlike your content title of your blog plays an important role in grabbing attention of readers.  Apart from this words of your title also play a significant role in matching case with keywords and enhance its sharing between readers.

Normally every content writer believes that to make their blog according to SEO requirement and to acquire top position in Google’s SERP and various other search engines they should use fleet of huge keywords.  But acquiring top ranks in SERP’s through these tactics have become an obsolete thought in current scenario, mainly after introduction of new weapons like Google Penguin and Panda update from Google. And now apart from keywords there are various factors which search engines now consider for ranking depending upon the consistency.

There are thousands of various remarkable articles with excellent titles on different websites but they are not known to everyone. The simple reason for this is that either most of them are published on newly launched websites or posted on websites which are not very popular. But it does not mean that they lag qualitative content, it is because of their appearance of such websites which are not very popular or on websites which are not considered authentic websites by search engines.

To meet these SEO challenges you are required to be more influential for acquiring top position by making your content more interesting and readable. But in every condition the most important role is played by title of your blog.

Keep small and catchy title:

It is the most common determinant of blog writing is that title of your article should be small and catchy which should be spoken in one breath. The relevance of short and meaningful title is that it is not only easy to reach but is also remembered by readers for long time and they can share with other readers. From SERP’s point of view title can be considered as a knob from grabbing attention of readers. In general practice the length of title displayed on search engines is not more than 70 characters even from SEO point title should be less.

For making place on Twitter, it is necessary title should not only be small but they should also be followed by small URL and Twitter user names. Whereas on Facebook title is displayed in the format as used by search engines, therefore length plays an important role here. However if length of your title is too long it indirectly fits with limit of characters used. There are chances that long title may lose their potential readers and do not get attention from other readers.

This could be understood from example shared below, here the first title is too lengthy that is shown by Google News. In this example readers will be interested only in knowing where the incident took place. Why incident happened is no doubt important to know therefore readers will be more interested on second and third titles because they reveal information in more clear way.

Make your title more fascinating:

It is important to use appropriate words that echo in mind of readers, remember one thing that words which are appropriate today will not be attractive tomorrow. Words like great and best have become past and the same types of words like epic and awesome grab attention of your readers. Pinch your reader to compel them to read your articles.

The content inside title is for the reader:

Title beginning as “How to” will undoubtedly catch attention of readers despite of the content inside it whether it is useful or useless. The reason for this is that they assure reader that the information which they will read in this article is written for their benefit and is informative. But it does not mean that every time you begin with words like “How to” but title like “Top reasons why” or “Principles should learn about” also grab attention of same number of reader. It is therefore important that if you are not able to find appropriate keywords than you can use already existing words and which have proved to be an attribute of success earlier. But make an effort to give your title a creative taste and use words which are not used by other writers.

Make your own words:

It is common principle that never try to copy what others do but try to do something new, even when you use some formulae use it according to your way. Therefore stay honest and write what you know about specific subject without cheating others. Give suitable title to your article which let your readers to understand what information you are going to reveal in your article.

End word:

Although there are some standard writing rules but this may vary according to different industry and therefore you need to work hard rather than just copying the ongoing formulae. Don’t write article only for being clicked by readers but write article which bounds readers to read your article. Make them feel that the information that you have shared in your article is of great value for them. Even if you written article on same subject on which various other writers have already written a lot, but try to bring something new from that which they have missed and which only you know. Remember one thing that yes title is important for your article but more important is your content which compels readers to read. In simple word you have act as your own ambassador your article.

This post has been posted by one of our guest author.