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It would not be wrong to say that during last few years Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as an essential operation for every website to get it optimized according to standards of search engines. Going through the relevance of SEO campaign for websites every webmaster is trying to enhance his knowledge of SEO and looking for tools that are helpful in solving various issues related with optimization of website and let them know what steps are being followed by their contenders for optimizing their websites.   There is general belief that an effective SEO campaign is possible with availability of huge funds, but now even with minimum funds you can enjoy the benefits of an effective SEO campaign. But before discussing the process of enjoying effective SEO campaign at minimum cost we should thank to Mr. Simon Heseltine, Director, Audience Development , AOL, who recently during SES conference at New York disclosed few important tools which are helpful in keeping watch on effectiveness of SEO campaign.

1. Google Analytics:

It is self explanatory from its name that this tool is provided by an established name in world of search engines, i.e., Google. An interesting feature of this tool is that it free of cost and you have to pay nothing for buying this tool. By making use of this tool you keep watch on the performance of your website at regular intervals and may analyze variations in traffic on your website. Although this bag can be considered as a bag of awesome features but the major drawback of this tool is that it does not considers NOT PROVIDED keywords. Due to which Google scrambles queries more sensitively and if it does not find any match to keywords it directly moves the researcher to secure SSL site.

2. Google Webmaster Tool:

This is one of the highly referred tool by Heseltine during SES conference. Unlike Google Analytics this tool is also free of cost and facilitates the webmasters to foresee that how their website is being accessed by Google. Besides this it also provides information regarding appearance of 404 pages and also provides information regarding any malware affecting your website.

3. Google Trends:

Unlike Google Analytics and Google Webmaster, Google Trends is also an incredible tool which is free of cost and designed for effective SEO practice. The worth mentioning feature of this tool is that it lets you know the variations in keywords which is affecting your website from being placed in results displayed by search engines.  An interesting fact about this tool is that it is helpful in creation of optimized content for promoting any product. Moreover use of this tool also let you understand which keywords of your website are conflicting with keywords of other websites.

4. Majestic SEO:

This tool can be considered as one of the important tools determined for comparing links and is helpful in detecting weakness of your domain.  Majestic SEO is boon for SEO practice because it is helpful in checking link profiles and helpful in protecting your website from attacks of Penguin update from Google. Although this tool is free but if you want to enjoy full benefit of this tool then I will suggest you to buy paid version of this tool. Major features offered by Majestic Tool are:

  • History of backlinks:  By making use of this tool you can know the number of backlinks integrated in domain, sub domain and URL;
  • Site Explorer:  With this tool you can make an intensive study of URL.

5. Your eyes:

It looks something very funny, but as you see other things around you, similarly you should keep watch on your website. Keep watch on your source code and also go through robots.txt files. Keep watch on working of your website. You should also track for wrong canonical tags and also check that pictures posted on your website are according to keywords and other determinants or not. By keep intensive watch on your website will let you know the aspects on which you should focus during your SEO campaign.

6. Adobe Site Catalyst:

Use of this tool will help you in keeping watch on increasing number of visitors on your website every year.  By making use of this tool you may know the point from which visitors of your website left. This will help you to concentrate more on optimization of your website.

7. SEMrush:

This is an interesting tool which is helpful in getting deep information regarding keywords that are helpful in grabbing more visitors on your website and also provides you information regarding paid search keywords being used by your contenders, and data of traffic on your website.

8. IIS SEO Toolkit:

Use of this tool facilitates the users to make an overview of their website and keep watch on various SEO factors like content of your website, crawling of your website by search engines, structure of your website. With help of this tool you can find various facts which are affecting your website, for instance link breaking of specific page. In simple terms by making use of this tool you are able to detect mistakes which need to be improved for smooth performance of your website. Introduction of this tool by Microsoft enhances its relevance.

9. Screaming Frog:

This tool is helpful in crawling links, CSS and images on your website, and is helpful in solving matters like 302s. Moving ahead by making use of this tool you are facilitated to forward page title, mega descriptions, URLs and various other elements on Excel sheet, thus enabling the users to have a complete idea regarding every factor very clearly.

10. Bing Webmaster Tools:

Unlike various other SEO tools it is also a freely available tool, which access performance of your website from Bing’s point of view.

11. You Get Signal: 

By making use of this tool you keep watch on every action of your contenders and to see what changes are being introduced by them on their server. Use of this tool will help you in checking emergence of new subdomain being used by them before launching it openly in internet world.

Epilogue: According to Heseltine before using these tools you should determine the facts for which you are using these tools and keep watch on new updates that are being introduced from time to time in these tools. Because with passing time these tools become obsolete and lose their shine. Therefore the best way to use this tool is keep yourself updated with changing SEO scenario.

Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.

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