Role Of Content Marketing For Acquiring Backlinks To Your Website

SEO experts have predicted that content marketing is going to play an important role in determining the marketing strategy of any website during the year 2013. The relevance of content marketing is of great importance for the websites that are looking to improve their ranking, because a suitable content marketing can significantly  grab sufficient web links for any website. Let us see that how the role of content marketing is going to help in building backlinks for any website.

 Free Resources:

Once you have finalized the appropriate content for your website the next step is to convert it into eBooks and in downloading format. If you have created a page which facilitates the audiences to download free content from your website not only the list of subscribers for your content will increase, you will also be able get links from audiences who are interested to share free resources with others. In this regard it would be important to mention the name of marketing resources page of HubSpot which comprises of free eBooks, playback of seminars related on internet, reports etc. As the result of all these activators it succeeded in earning more than 6000 backlinks. This is the situation of only of only one page in which each content has blessed with huge number of backlinks.


Lists can be considered as one of the most convenient way to get backlinks for the content created by you for your website or for your blog. These links have ability to grab attention of social media, blog writers and other websites related with your industry, who are interested to display the list of your backlinks in their blogs and websites for enhancing the knowledge of visitors on their website or blog.


For making use of videos to get backlinks for your content is also one of the best way to get supportive backlinks for any website. However this method is more technical and therefore the person should have to more smart for making use of this process. The reason for being smarter in making use of this process is due to excessive use of YouTube for searching any video and then integrating directly on website.  But now the question arises that how you will know that whether video created by you is getting supportive links for it or not, followed by being explored on social networking websites like YouTube etc.  For this websites should create a separate page for videos on their website detailing the lists of all videos created by them. The option can be creating separate page for separate themes.


Infographics can be considered as one of the most common form of getting backlinks for content. When the content of your website if meaningful it succeeds in grabbing attention of everyone including blog writers, other websites and social media, because they look to integrate qualitative content on their pages. There are various tools available online which are helpful in creating infographics without any prior knowledge of designing. These tools are,, Venngage.

If you are interested for designing infographics in conventional designs that you can take help of custom designers such as Cheap Inforgaphic, Column Five Media, and Now Sourcing.

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